Police are NOT THE REAL VICTIMS of the horrific violence today

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Don’t believe a word of the fake news coming out of the mainstream media tonight. Police are NOT THE REAL VICTIMS of what happened today—this woman and scores of other defenceless protesters are.

If anyone else did this, they’d be jailed. And so they should be.


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Written by Avi Yemini

Proud Ozraeli


  1. They’re just doing it for her protection. Broken hip bone, heavy concussion, point blank pepper spray to the eyes. Well done those police 👏👏👏👏

  2. When the government goons are the only ones armed they’re emboldened to do whatever they want to knowing they’ll be nothing you can do about it….good move disarming you by your fascist government Australia…’re so much safer now….

  3. Here is the REAL crime….why in the f*ck weren't there more Aussies out there standing together against these tyrant Nazi thugs??? How long does this have to go on before Aussies learn they're going to have to get active against these government pricks in order to get their country back?

  4. Holy shit that is absolutely mental. I can;t help but notice the popos of the west are real quick to use force against the weak but all cotton gloves with actual dangerous fucking scumbags.

  5. NNow to be that guy but if that was a minority it would be global frontpage news. But the popo violently attacking a defenceless old grandma will be buried as it does not support the narrative. The SJW/woke attempts to make me feel guilty for being a westerner never worked. Crap like this sure does make me ashamed of my society and culture though. And I'm British o.0 Godspeed Auzzies, y'all deserve better than a modern day Stasi.

  6. I respect the good police officers who respect the laws that protect the citizens.
    However these police are just committing police brutality and need to be taken to court for it. This will never stop until every single one of these alleged criminals are brought to justice.

    Note well – I do consider the perpetrators of police brutality to be alleged criminals. All of whom deserve their day in court to answer to their alleged crimes.

  7. How is it that all the brave, men did not go to this women's aid? why are all these guys standing back just videoing, yeah fuc#k that's a great help to her!! piss poor cowards!!.

  8. I don't like what happened in this incident and beg to ask two questions which I haven't heard mentioned in the media 1. what happened in the moments leading up to the incident (there is some pre-incident video but it appears to be very limited. 2 What was the woman doing there in the first place? The only vision we have is from several metres away – there is no close-up vision of her face or person. Curious that the video author fails to mention injuries occurred on both sides of the political equation – the protestors and police force members – or the many fines issued. I am also wondering if any or these people have visited the hospitals and seeing those in the ICU and/or on ventilators as a result of suffering from Covid-19 or similar. I have and it is awful. No one wins any prizes here.

  9. Melbourne Premier : Stands before media cameras. “We’ve got to shut down the entire state into isolation – to protect the vulnerable and the elderly”.

    Melbourne Police : “PFF!”….

  10. The SS officer Werner Best, one-time head of legal affairs in the Gestapo,[27] summed up this policy by saying, "As long as the police carries out the will of the leadership, it is acting legally".

  11. The popo are trying to elicit a violent response to their increasing violent thuggery.
    This then will justify bringing out the real guns.
    One death will stop all this protest, so they think.