Police Are RESIGNING En Masse Over Vaccine Mandates, But This Will Lead To Australian Style Fascism

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  1. You really need to hire someone who served in the military to explain things to you so you don't seem so foolish when talking about the military. "Lawful Orders" look it up. You can choose to refuse any order…there may be consequences, but each soldier, sailor, airman, and marine retain their own agency. Just like every cop in America.

  2. I'll keep working and keep my face in my pint glass. Today.

    They pull that Australia shit here and try to override Daddy DeSantis, and I will introduce myself, foaming at the mouth, and throw my life into the effort to drive them back to the Florida Georgia border.

    Let them fuck up their own back yards with that bullshit.

  3. There was that 1 military woman on TikTok who pretty plainly said she will not hesitate to aim her firearm at American citizens who don’t obey her commands. “…against all threats, foreign and domestic,” right? For exercising your right to bodily autonomy & not providing enthusiastic, affirmative consent to allow someone to put something in your body, you can become a domestic threat. I dunno, but sounds like the Dems are promoting rape culture.

  4. And the cleanse continues… They bring in the weak minded communists that will run the ovens, round up the dissenters, murder those that disagree. Right out of maos playbook.. 14,15 yr olds were the treacherous murderers for Cambodia..

  5. VETERANS OUT THERE TAKE NOTE: There’s a bill in Congress already passed by the House, so now in Senate…a 1300 page (infrastructure I think)bill, snuck inside is a new law added to make it ILLEGAL FOR EX-MILITARY TO OWN FIREARMS. Now why would they do that?…..

  6. Media obviously lies about hospitalizations. All around the world, where people don’t take vax, don’t mask, don’t lockdown…they have BY FAR less cases or deaths. Almost none. Look at Norway, Denmark, Sweden…all ending restrictions without passports. Japan has basically cured its country within days by switching from the vax to ALL doctors prescribing Ivermectin, with STUNNING results.

  7. Also the problem with this argument is that while many officers are quitting, not many are signing up. No one wants to be a police officer. Many departments are spread thin. That's another reason so many are quitting.

  8. I won't agree with this globalists, pharmacy paid for tyranny. They are desiring control. They will make more hoops and hurdles for us to jump through and over. Our future generations, will be tormented if we, the NOW generation does not unite for this one purpose and tell them this is an over reach we will not comply. Or is the answer really, a violent revolution? Why are they making us do these ways of thinking?

  9. Does Tim think the right has been fighting this whole time?
    News flash… the right are the most tolerant, non-confrontational, and reserved ppl in this world. The right has not even been fighting. I honestly don't know how far they will allow themselves to get pushed, but when it goes…it fvcking GOES!
    Let me explain how to provoke each side individually.
    For the left… simply target to limit their authority or question their credibility. Narcissists have to be the lead tole.
    The right does not want the lead role… in fact, the right would prefer to do the lead role job, but defer the credit and attention. If you wish to provoke the right…. you cant attack them directly w much success in provoking them…. you must attack someone close to them who cannot defend themselves.

  10. "Thus says the L-rd God of Israel; Drink, be drunk, vomit, fall and rise no more because of the sword I will send among you. If they refuse to take the cup from your hand to drink, you shall say to them, thus says the L-rd God, you shall surely drink! For behold, I am beginning to work calamity in this city which is called by my name, and shall you be free from punishment? You will not be free from punishment; for behold, I have summoned a sword against all the inhabitants of the earth"
    Jeremiah 25:27-29, Obadiah 1:15-17, Deuteronomy 32:49-43.

    You can thank the towering falsehood of christianity for most of this.

  11. It blows my mind how naive some people are to believe the military and police won’t turn on Americans. It’s always a possibility and we should be ready to face that scenario, with what we see now. Abolishing the bad police department is best. I don’t want to deal with bad cops once all the good ones left.

  12. So what I am hearing is that you support character, leadership, ethics… Individuals, regardless of vocation or affiliations so long as they are of good character and ethics. On the other hand, you offer no support to any organization or institution whatsoever. Only the individuals within such institutions that are of good character. I agree. Good people are good wherever you find them, conversely organization tend to grow and become more powerful and eventually fall to the corruption that is born of power. It is a fine line between having organizations that are powerful enough to be of any use but are kept from corruption. Only people of strong character, skilled leadership, and great ability have the chance of success in such a balance. Support those people.

  13. Has anyone noticed the correlation between freedom and civilian firearms ownership? It's pretty obvious deterent against authoritianism. Red states such as Texas and Florida have seen little change since Covid.

  14. I always thought there was something a little off about Colette Lehmann, she never seemed completely onside. I guess she was just a grifter this while time, or someone who felt they were the opposition until they had to actually oppose something.

  15. I wonder if all the people who say "It's not forced. You don't have to get the vaccine, you can just get tested" realize that free testing is going to go away in the not-too-distant future if you don't have symptoms and just need it for work authorization and they should be saying "You don't have to get the vaccine, you can just shell out $140-300 a week instead"

  16. Australian police have no fear of being gunned down in their driveway by a group of pissed of citizens. I'm willing to bet eventually you will see assassinations in Australia and the rise of something akin to the IRA.