Police Arrest Anti Lockdown Protesters In London!!!

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Written by Mahyar Tousi

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  2. LOCKDOWN HAS FAILED !!! Cummings was right W.H.O lied .. The devastation of lockdown FAR outweighs the benefits! We didn't "save lives" they destroyed them with repercussions for years to come.. The hidden enemy is cosmic radiation causing cell toxicity which creates a cytokine immune response attacking your own body, like the AIDS scam in the 80's… there is low frequency carrier waves attacking our globe likely from satellite gamma redirection grids.. 5G is a scape goat. we are being slow cooked from the inside! Watch & see if the Cancer numbers & infertility numbers go way up in the next few years. This slow cook radiation is producing Flu like symptoms and enhancing existing cancer patient problems, thats why EVERYTHING is being marked as Covid.. And thats why they say Ibuprofen makes it worse, when it saved my life ! its an IMMUNE stops inflammation. shortness of breath is an inflammatory reaction. This is about population reduction.

  3. I don't see why I should be sitting here alone, in agony (Wigan) and get no treatment for my chronic pain condition because the NHS staff who would treat me (anesthesiologists) are all recruited for this pandemic (where they're needed more, to be fair). All the while, those bastards, are out in the street so close they could have sex with each other let alone spread corona. Postponing any treatment I need for months longer than necessary. Should have been tazzed and dragged into a cell until this lockdown is over. Piss takers the lot of ye.

  4. The News, Pick them and nick them =? pick nick, Corbyns first, Labour Party unelectables git together in the London bubble, lefty anglophobic mad house tipes spit out there dummies the police do their best to keep the rest of the population safe ? ? ? respect ??

  5. – The Lying,manipulating Left wing OWNS the msn, (inc the BBC/NBC/CBC), So WHY Dosn't the right the politically right/centre buy/create More newspapers,tv & radio companies, to equal the Awfull,Horrible,Lying,HARMFULL 'brainwashing' that we get from our present msn?? – It Started with Tony Blair & "Tonies Cronies''!!…. 🙁

  6. Boris Johson wil go down in history as a calamitous Prime Minister. Author of Brexit and the prime minister that threw 10,000+ pensioners under a bus.

  7. "The police were confused because they didn't know what they should or shouldn't do" … THEN THEY SHOULDN'T DO IT UNTIL THEY DO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING !!! Theses ignorant pigs (the police causing the problems) are always the same bullies in the police force, and need to be dealt with by the law!

  8. Corbyns brother' the media kept this loon out of the picture; all kinds of rubbish about Boris`s family but not a word about this far left wing radical kook, collusion with the MSM yet again.

  9. We gotta fight back and soon!!
    Fck tgis disfusting authoritarian OVERREACH!!!
    Neo marxist globalist fascism needs beat down!!
    Theyve got no idea of the storm thats brewing!!

  10. In hull East Yorkshire there are three temporary mortuaries set up that are gathering dust, never been used. Vans converted to carry con-oravirus victims to the mortuary, gathering dust, never been used. The infirmary like a ghost town, nurses sat around with nothing to do apart from roc toc videos….

  11. Most probably the only white Londoners left
    And there of there trolley. But the police should have just sat back out the way and let them all get on with it .this is the reason for arrests there not social distancing so the thick police put them selves at risk. But this what they do like stand in front of a moving stolen truck .put there and these pore brain washed cops mut be told that once a criminal see you standing in the rd with your hand out .they automatically become law biding citizens. And they believe it .pore uneducated coppers.

  12. i have the answer to Anti social distancing !! we need to generate the hype for a national "HUG A PERSON DAY"
    in which EVERYONE hugs someone they've never hugged before outside in the street. Who can arrest someone for hugs? this will reunite people power & recognise how ridiculous Lockdown is. NO situation in the history of mankind has ever used separation as a method of evolution. IT does NOT work. Immunity has evolved with humans.
    HUG A HUMAN DAY ! that instantly destroys the social distancing BS strategy in just ONE DAY !BOOM nothing anyone can do to stop people hugging ! Who can fight huggers! one hug can break the isolation & destroy the poisonous vaccine agenda being pushed!

  13. So the police not making any attempt at social distancing, no PPE no nothing, who's arresting the cops then???

  14. So the protester saying all people abiding by the rules are brainwashed dont allow yourself to be brainwashed ? he is telling that to a bunch of brainwashed lefties is he not ? that don’t want to do anything there told.

  15. If you anyway like your strolls through parks, why don't you walk past the Speaker's Corner? There try to have a look at the boards with information for tourists and find the reverence with which Karl Marx is mentioned there. No word about how his philosophy yielded the ideological underpinning for the most brutal and massive genocides human history has seen. An order of magnitude worse than Fascism.

  16. I'm pretty sure he was arrested for breach of the peace, which CAN be caused by just talking into a megaphone without prior consent, or performance licence.

    I'm guessing THOSE types of laws haven't changed.

    Its OK for the protestors, they can walk around, spreading the disease, while 10 more spread it, and ten more for each one etc etc etc.
    If you all think it's fear based, go be a guinea pig for tests, THEN tell me we are all scared of nothing.

  17. The only pandemic sweeping this country is Cupid Stunt Disease. Fatal in all cases, especially to social media users and those who believe politicians.