Police Begin Arresting ‘Freedom Convoy’ Organizers In Ottawa

Police in the Canadian capital city of Ottawa began arresting demonstrators of the “Freedom Convoy” protests on Thursday night, according to The Washington Post.


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  1. Didn't they know you're only allowed to obstruct traffic, impede the lives of everyday citizens, destroy property, create autonomous zones, harass and assault others who want nothing to do with your cause if you're doing it in the name of "social justice".

  2. "Atypical stance"? First time in fifty years, when the first was World War 1, second was World War 2, and the third was a terrorist secession group that set off over two hundred bombs and was kidnapping and murdering people? ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME? USE MEANINGFUL LANGUAGE!

  3. 🖕🏿 Trudeau. These leftist governing bodies are nothing short of tyrannical totalitarian jackasses. As a reference point I am and always have been a Democrat, but this is some leftist socialist BS, that I cannot even remotely come to terms with in my own party. I feel like I am hanging out in no man’s land where my values have never changed but the Democrat party being so full of leftists and socialists they have completely left me out in the middle of nowhere with only one place to go. 🖕🏿 you for that. I don’t know if I will ever be able to trust anything the Democrat party says again. It always sounds great but, the more and more I see with her doing the farther and farther it gets away from what they say. Actions do and will always speak louder than your words.

  4. I just watched videos of police horses stomping on pacific demonstrators, police officers breaking car windows to remove the occupants by force. To see that in Canada breaks my heart 💔

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