Police Call Tucker Carlson LIAR Over Segment On Riots But Tucker Was RIGHT

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  1. This MSM attacks on the Truth. All started to get ramped up when PRESIDENT TRUMP was elected! MSM cannot be trusted to give people non biased News Reporting!

  2. Forth Worth Police: We're going to drop the charges
    Tucker Carlson: Forth Worth Police Dropping the charges
    Forth Worth Police: LIAR LIAR LIAR TUCKER IS A LIAR!!!!!!

  3. Alternate headline. Police mad they are being exposed for literally not doing their jobs
    "Words have lost all meaning and we can't communicate everything falls apart" And now you understand why people were so adamant against progressives changing meanings of words and why just showing them respect or ignoring it like you've advocated ends up being so dangerous

  4. Saw this when it came out. yet it's 6 days after this was originally released by Tim and now it's only today that my phone is giving me a message saying that this has been uploaded. They are Shadow banning Tim.

  5. I've been posting this everywhere trying to folks to migrate to other platforms: I invite everyone to alternative social media networks and internet services that are beyond the reach of Big Tech's thought police. We will not kneel to them. We will not be ruled by them. We will not apologize for our existence.

    Facebook alternative:

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  6. Tim being rather hypocritical here. "I wont say that name, I gotta report." please dont ban me Google, I've been projecting my fears on CNN Hosts while I mention my past glory of standing up to my news agency that put golden handcuffs on me Also Tim: "Conservatives wont stand up for what they believe in."

    I dont even hate Tim, but come on man.

  7. Say what you want about Tucker, disagree with him if you do, but he does not outright lie on his show like others you can name.

  8. Nah, they haven’t snapped. They’re simply LYING themselves. They’re counting on most readers to ignore most other news. Who has the time to dig down to find the truth? ??‍♀️

  9. Tim great work telling the truth. Tucker is awesome, you guys are all that's left of the truth.. The red pill is the only way to save our country…