Police claim lockdown protesters yesterday were just ‘angry young men’

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Don’t believe a word of the fake news coming out of the mainstream media tonight. Police are NOT THE REAL VICTIMS of what happened today—this woman and scores of other defenceless protesters are.

If anyone else did this, they’d be jailed. And so they should be.

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  1. Tenderised, seasoned oven ready!!!? police (Miller v COP UK) demonstrating how they earn the trust and respect of the public
    'Thin blue line instead of a swastika'?

  2. I've done a few riot simulations on a par and more violent than these protests while I was in an infantry battalion.
    If that lady was in amongst a line of protesters he could be forgiven for pushing her back but she was on her own and clearly not a physical threat.
    That officer definitely needs retraining in escalation of violence and the use of physical force.

  3. What a weak prick, picks on an old lady and doesn't even help her, no instead he pepper sprayed her and not one officer helps. Police are the violent ones, try do that to the construction 👷 workers and it will be a different story, Make that officer answer for his actions.

  4. A lot of the officers been bullied in school, pepper spraying a old woman on the floor is there job. Have you seen how overweight and fragile Australian officers are. Give them a break, it’s the first time in there lives they get some power control 😂…. They want some control, in there overweight laziness, the first time in there lives…..