Police deflect responsibility for the fire at Parliament claiming the “Pepper spray was water based”

Indigenous Elders and protesters have blamed Police for the fire at Old Parliament House today which engulfed the facade and activated the automatic emergency sprinkler system throughout the building.
Police were accused by protestors of using pepper spray to fuel the small fire from an Indigenous smoking ceremony.

Written by Aussie Cossack


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  1. I never thought agent provocateurs would be deployed in my own country.
    Is this reminding anyone of the Reichstag fire in 1933 Germany?
    89 years later and still the same old tricks to create a narrative around a minority.

  2. The Police need to be charged for the violent assault of pepper spray on the ABoriginals people no such thing as a little pepper spray.
    Beyond disgusting behaviour from the Police too much too often all around the Country

  3. does anyone know if pepper spray was actually used? Was it sprayed at all? Maybe it wasn't pepper spray as a water based aerosol , maybe it was a propellant or hair spray or something else to look like pepper spray? Maybe the area was covered in a propellant prior to being lit? The black smoke seems to suggest a hydrocarbon , as wood and timber does not burn with black smoke , nor does the smoking ceremony leaves. The smell would be a giveaway also , as you can tell when diesel or fuel is burning. Depends on what else was in the area to burn .
    Does the building have a sprinkler system in it ? Did this go off ? If not , why not? Surely a government ( old gov) building is required to have safety systems in place und Australian standards and fire codes?
    There are an awful lot of questions that yet to remain asked , and an investigation should show how , where and what was used to start the fire.
    Until then , it is all just opinion .

  4. The pepper spray regardless if it was used near the fire, the fact it was sprayed into our first nations peoples is not on. We know our indigenous peoples have eye problems and this would not help whatsoever. Well done to the first nations peoples for taking back the first parliament house. We need our country back. But this plan has been in the making for years. Just check out Jeremy Lee 1991 warning us about the new bloody world order!! He sighted the decimation of industries back then and just look how many more industries have gone. The new world order is about getting rid of the middle class and small business, let alone all the other outrageous and inhumane plans. Please people wake up, if you are not already. God bless you and God Bless us ALL.

  5. I seriously hold more respect ✊🏿 for the turds 💩 floating in a public toilet 🚽 than I do for police.

    To me, cops 👮‍♀️ aren’t even worthy of being called a turd 💩

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