Police Drop TROVES of Documents Proving Leftist Breonna Taylor Narrative Is A LIE

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  1. Tim you are exactly correct about criminals shouting police and identifying as a cop. Every breakin that has happened to friends and family has involved this. Which is why if I hear someone yelling police, I'm still shooting they should have contacted my lawyer.

  2. Truth is irrelevant now that it’s become a subjective thing via the new “speak your truth” nonsense. All the matters is the narrative. It’s a means to an end. People are still saying “hands up, don’t shoot!”

  3. It's been a lie since Trayvon. It's always a justified self-defense case. Now people are scared to exercise their right to defend themselves and their property from 'rioters' i.e. criminal thugs. That was the point.

  4. Truth be known for all the main stream media out there, that reported that she was just innocent bystander sleeping in her own bed, without verifying that were inciting a riot. Plain and simple in the environment that existed by reporting a untruths about her that she was somehow missed treated by the police officers is clearly has one outcome inciting a riot the same as firing a weapon in a crowded room, is attempted murder. Whether youHit any intended target or not.

  5. That’s exactly what we need to do to stop this crap with the media. Time to quit making the media or should I say allowing the media to be an enemy of this country and then make money here. Arrest the reporters for inciting a riot

  6. If you involve yourself with criminals, conduct Criminal activity your self, Then you’re going to knowingly subject yourself to danger. If you shoot in the door because you suspect that somebody coming through the door has it out for you, but you truly only suspect it. It’s attempted murder. First rule of firing a gun know your target and what is beyond it!

  7. $12,000,000 to this sketchy woman's family. Not bad! You couldn't get life insurance for being a drug dealer!

    Turns out a lot (all?) of the individuals BLM chooses to martyr are sketchy creeps. And the media sets 'em up, and knocks 'em down! It's like the Fake Moon Landing conspiracy; a reasonable argument is presented with cool pics and authoritative narratives about Van Allen Belts and such, people get taken in and react in outrage.., and then a few weeks later the real facts are allowed to filter through and everybody who jumped on board the protest train look like a bunch of morons.

    Though, I doubt BLM will back down or even hear the other side. (Much like the crazies who still insist there was no Moon Landing). BLM's core bandits appear to be genuinely mentally disturbed individuals quite beyond reason and in need of psychiatric intervention.

    My totally unverified guesstimate:

    25% Gullible bleeding hearts. (Comfy professionals with guilt complexes.)
    25% Marxists. (Broke and debt-burdened kids fighting in the streets rather than on the job hunt).
    25% Authoritarian followers with no personal identity; (they'd be corporate lapdogs if their friends happened to wear business suits rather than dirty pink hair.)
    20% Straight up criminal opportunists, psychopaths loving the chance to indulge in darkness, and the mentally unwell.
    4% Journalists, politicians and snake-charmers.
    1% Mercenary scum on the Soros payroll.

  8. Why hasn't anyone asked a question about her boyfriends convenient choice of employment, given what the case involving her ex was about?

  9. this is Helter skelter. The protests/riots are a function to involve your attention while the 1% sends in NATO to desolve America into the one world order minus how many Americans they decide to kill.

  10. If sombody robs a bank with guns then the police shoot the car etc… And you just being the driver does not make you innocent…
    Being involved with the criminal acts makes you involved with the shooting…
    If I dated a women who sold drugs I would dump her on the spot as soon as I found out…
    You don't live or date violent criminals without being mixed up with it…

  11. Simple solution, don't be a drug dealer or be in bed with a drug dealer, or any criminal for that matter and you won't have to face law enforcement.
    I don't give a hot damn if she was an EMT or not, she chose to fuck not one, but multiple drug dealers and bad actors and she died because of it.

  12. I dont believe him. When the cops come to your door in the hood your told not to answer no matter what, they will just go away if they think your not home.

  13. They did not believe Kenneth Walker was selling drugs, it was her other boyfriend, Jamarcus (not even kidding, that's his real name), who she had apparently just broken up with. They had proof he was using her house to drop off packages, and he was caught on tape while in jail saying that he had thousands of dollars stashed at Breonna's place. Also, one of the things that prompted the investigation is that the dead body of a known drug dealer was found in car rented out under Breonna Taylor's name.

    She was a run-of-the-mill drug dealer and the fact that her parents got $12 million in tax payer money over her death is an insult.

  14. The entire Lefts narrative is worn out and exhausted. They're so desperate they've gone for broke. The MSM and Democrat party will either completely restructure after election or be a relic of the past. I'll go with the latter they're done, this election will be the biggest reformation in decades.

  15. Leftist narratives are always lies, because they have to start by perverting the truth, or nothing they say will hold any weight at all. The only power they have is twisting things to get the emotional response they need, to make people react instead of stopping to make sure things line up. That’s why a week later, the story line always turns out to be the opposite of what they’ve claimed.

  16. Wtf u mean Kenneth Walker had a right to defend his home? Shooting a fucking cop during a drug raid ain't defending your home he had zero right.

  17. The sad part in all of this is that nothing is gonna come of this. The ppl out demanding Justice are unemployable ppl who main desire is to Kill steal and destroy.