Police grilled over friendlyjordies arrest

According to the police Jordan is still under investigation. This is after the arrest of Kristo, where NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Dave Hudson doesn’t think “appropriate processes were properly followed.”

Excerpts from Budget Estimates 2021-2022 – Hearing –
Portfolio Committee No. 5 – Police – 1 September 2021 Source: NSW Parliament.

Written by friendlyjordies


  1. People loose trust in the government (thanks liberals) and the police when misuse of public resources happens. May you NEVER be in power again, you can't be trusted

  2. The more I'm getting old the more I worry about the Jordies and other people who seek the truth. My main concern is still Julian Assange and others, including whistle blowers who are in prison. Yet, what I hear from are individuals who just don't care and only look after themselves. They don't realise that they could be next and by then it's too late.

  3. It beggars belief that the coppers think the law requires them to give greater weight to the fixation and the public profile of the complainant than actual, or the serious risk of, violence to the community (including individuals) as a result of a fixation.
    If, as the Deputy Commissioner states, fixation is the key factor, why is the unit not arresting men on a daily basis for intimate partner violence which kills 1 woman every 9 days in Australia?

  4. what are the 600 cases where this unit has been used, how many off them were non violent and not terrorist related, lets look at all off it, how many times has this happened, should be called the fascist nazi unit

  5. How fucked. This reminds me of that classic corporate scenario where your boss tells you to do something fucked (Johnny B), you do it knowingly it's completely fucked (NSW Police), only for your customers to call a meeting telling you it is actually fucked (Legislative Council) – all the while eating a shit sandwich to explain away the fuckery for the better part of half an hour.


  6. Does anybody think Cristo looks or behaves like a violent, terrorist , that intended to cause Bruz physical harm?
    Does anybody think that Bruz & the upstanding police department representatives are in cahoots to silence a satirical critic, by conspiring to pervert the cause of justice, with the use of excessive force & the equivalent of a anti terrorist squad?

  7. Bro. Make a "give-a-little" page. If you tell your story about taking on politicians people will donate for court bills if u lose. See there is a whole community of kind hearts who find joy browsing Givealittle and donating to people just to be kind and help change peoples lives

    just an idea for some extra bank to fund your campaign haha

  8. Just making up the line as they go – no wonder they called it what they called this unit or body of ppl. It’s not called ‘stop. Dangerous. People unit’ ffs

  9. Bruz is obsessed with trying to pin ANYTHING on Kristo and Friendlyjeordies that's it's almost like it's stalking with intent to harm ?
    All these people discussing something that should never have happened, all based on the ego of a deputy premier who has been proven a liar in parliament. Scomo should say "he has to go" like he did with Holgate.

  10. It seems that journalists must now, maintain "distraction" rather than being focused i.e. "fixated" on a matter, as this may result in arrest?? At no point in time did the "victim" seem threatened, unless being offended is the same thing????? It all gets so disappointingly Orwellian in its breathtaking abuse of power.

  11. It's refreshing seeing a government committee actually doing it's job, answering genuine enquires to the best of it's abilities, without government spin. This is how a democracy is suppose to run.

  12. What an absolute joke! The Fixated Persons Unit, as I understand, was established after the screw-up at the Lindt cafe. To use the FPU for this kind of minor issue is ridiculous and a waste of taxpayers money.

  13. why the fuck are australian government employees wearing fuckin' leather jackets at an inquiry? Is Australia a state run by hoods?

  14. Do you want some syrup with your waffle?

    If you don’t have time to watch the full clip I’ll try and summarise:

    An elected official has abused his position to have a member of the public arrested by a special police anti terror unit for the non-crime of political satire.

    Now collaborators in this disgraceful injustice are waffling and hoping that it will all go away.

    While ordinary folk wait in vain for the dangerous politician to be removed from office and collaborators to be fired.

  15. Now to help the cops out you should change your Channel name to friendlyterroists.

    What a load of wank coming from the mouths of the two members of NSW biggest gang. Under their definition I could be investigated by the Fixated Persons Unit because I eat fried chicken wings every day so I must, under their definition, be fixated with chicken wings. I am obviously a danger to society, a disturbed and violent person who is very pleased I don't live in Nazi South Wales.

  16. I think the case against Langker is compromised and will be thrown out, either by the prosecutor or the judge. then the video of the unlawful assaults by police during the arrest of Langker, well there's a whole civil claim there. Big settlement coming

  17. The Police have clearly failed to demonstrate that there was any credible evidence that Kristo intended to perptrate any violence against Barilaro, and are now trying to justify their abuse of power by claiming that Kristo was fixated on the deputy premier, when all he did was approach the premier to discuss a civil litigation case that was instigated by Barilaro.

    If trying to talk to someone about a case before the courts is now a criminal offence, then all of the police, lawyers and judges need to the right thing and lock themselves up and throw away the keys.

  18. Kudos to the Honorable Adam Searle MLC and the Honorable David Shoebridge MLC for taking the stand against this blatant abuse of power that just might topple the clowns running the state, or is that attempting to? AS what was a free Australian citizen, I thank you