Police Kick Protester In Head & Assault Crowd on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve 2021. Freedom protesters and others gather on London’s Southbank by the London Eye to celebrate the New Year and rally for freedom. The Metropolitan Police viciously attack one protester and assault a number of others.

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Written by Resistance GB


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  1. Where’s the BLM mob when you need them, where have Antifa gone? Have they all changed back to their official garb and become cops again? Are we all watching the birth of the new Nazi party?
    History has a habit of repeating itself to keep the masses down, to abuse its power against them!

  2. I can just imagine this in court:
    He aggressively stood up and entered my personal space. I had to defend myself and we then arrested him.
    And what occurred just before that?

  3. Numerous police arrest one man, and a filthy bent copper, shoulder no. NE 2548, knees him in the stomach to bring the man down and deliberately kicks him in the head, this was a peaceful New Year's Eve peaceful gathering until the tyrants turned up to cause trouble, this needs investigating, those tyrants involved must be suspended and charged with assault, dismissed and locked up, we are sure to hear more about this!

    Once again an unprovoked attack on a peaceful gathering by our rogue police force! 💩🤬😤

  4. Vacancies are available for all criminals and thugs as Police is hiring. Anybody who can be nasty and violent to innocent civilians will be given priority, should have a serious criminal record!

  5. 12:21 Is this really how the Police conduct themselves nowadays??! Does their de-escalation training include telling members of the public to F off and making silly faces?!!

  6. Every single police officer must be photographed and when they are outside of uniform, they should be restricted from going into certain premises. Pictures should be up on the wall at every coffee shop, bar, pub, restaurant etc… see how they like it when they are restricted from living their lives.

  7. At this rate there will come a time when the police will need public assistance and the public will turn their backs! Is this the kind of police force this government wants? The police in London is run by Mayor Khan, the London public voted him in, you have yourselves to blame!! One man has ruined the capitol of a once Great Britain, which is slowly becoming the second communist state , a future Cuba in the making.

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