Police Morale TANKING, Officers Find RAZOR In Food, NYPD Report Bleach Like Substance In Shakes

Police Morale TANKING, Officers Find RAZOR In Food, NYPD Report Bleach Like Substance In Shakes. Across the country police are already resigning and now several reports emerge of police finding their food tampered with.

Cops in the LA area found a razor blade in their food, National Guardsmen in SC say they found broken glass in their pizza, and in NYC several officers reported some kind of cleaner in their shakes, though in the instance of the NYPD they have ruled there to be “no criminality” in the story.

These may all be coincidences but regardless police morale is in the gutter and it may result in something called the Ferguson Effect

This is where demoralized police do not take certain actions over a fear of backlash from the press or potential criminal charges against them if the situation goes bad. This results in a spike of crimes in major cities.

While Democrats and the far left debate if they will defund the police or abolish the police, Trump is pushing police reform including a registry of bad police. But at any rate, we are still seeing police quitting their jobs in large numbers and perhaps it is not enough


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. Hey tim i actively watch your videos and im noticing for the rare videos i miss like this one i only get the notification of their upload 6 days after they actually are uploaded. Is this normal or is youtube up to something by delaying when people get notified about your uploads???

  2. Cops across America are so desperate for attention that they’re tampering with their own food. That makes TONS of sense. Smh

  3. Isn't that attempted murder grievous bodily harm trying to poison someone oh wait a minute they're just blue lives they don't matter

  4. Tim, Stop and frisk works. When you remove it, look at London. Sure it might be a bit privacy intruding but fuck in these times all nutbags have weapons on them without license. And if you have concealed carry license and are carrying flip them the license and inform the cop you are carrying and refuse to be frisked. done.

  5. Ok. Follow along with me very carefully;
    A razor blade, an object that should never be anywhere near the food, was in the food.
    Tell me this was an accident.
    A cleaning agent “just happened” to be in the shake machine. Ok. Sure.
    The only way there could have happened accidentally is the employee is criminally incompetent, but here’s another problem with the story:
    ¿Why did NOBODY ELSE get “accidentally” poisoned? If you believe the “accident” story after reading that line, you’re either lying or you’re literally too stupid to live, and by all means apply for a mental incompetence exemption and don’t vote nor breed.

  6. I could see the brass and the mayor deciding not to press charges to avoid copycat incidents and not stir the situation up to make the city more racially charged. They are afraid of being abolished and the mayor and city council are afraid to be associated with them.The mayor of Seattle is letting a huge lawless occupied-protest across capital hill and refuses to allow police to defend themselves or their precinct.

  7. Its getting kinda scary. Im pinned between counties near Atlanta where police are being attacked or refusing to respond to calls since they now have to worry the DA will charge them with murder for defending themselves. I fully support whatever moves they feel the need to make in response to the DAs absolutely inexcusable stance, but at the same time i dont have the means to protect my house from large scale incidents. I have very few firearms, or ammo, and not the financial means to stockpile either. Can i get a home defense stimulus so i can buy arms and ammo?

  8. You Americans have gone so far that at this point you don't need reforms or changes, you need Emperors Astartes and Inquisitors to purge the heresy that is USA dump fire of humanity.

  9. This is disgusting and cruel even I don’t like police. Put shit in their food is beyond inhuman. Even though the people involve should be in jail. We should treat police as a threat to our freedom

  10. In the UK we have PCSO (police community support officer) they get sent when we call the non urgent police calls and they can be seen patrolling streets. They are a go between us and the police and seen as more support for us than solely around to arrest ppl. Since they were introduced a decade ago crime plummeted where I live and it used to be a high crime area. The PCSO are seen as friends more than authority figures America needs something like that to boost communication between ppl and police

  11. Accidents MY ASS. Come on. You have to be pretty dense to believe that bleach and razor blades just accidentally end up in food and why doesn't the health department yank licenses for these "accidents"? Unbelievable what we are asked to buy from "authorities" investigating these instances.
    I am not looking for actions against police. The police better bring their own lunches for the foreseeable future.

  12. Congrats Tim Pool. Turns out your doubt was warranted. The story about bleach in milkshake was false and the police department actually made up the story. But the other stories did happen and the employees were fired.

  13. I don't often agree with you but this time you nailed it. I hope that all laws concerning this issue are applied and the real culprits found and punished. Police should not be a "politically correct" target. They are also subject to law and order and if they break it should be prosecuted. But without functioning legitimate police service we are back to very dark ages.