Police move in to force HEALTHCARE WORKERS out of protesting in Melbourne

Almost fifty frontline healthcare workers rallied today in a Melbourne park to protest the vaccine mandate. SHARE my full @Rebel News story:


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Written by Avi Yemini

Proud Ozraeli


  1. wow that was clickbait for a very peaceful protest..
    change your stratergies Avi police hunting is getting boring…
    find the small group of people who i believe are paid showing up at other protests
    and causing all the trouble with police and just making things worse
    go watch the tradie protest and pause the video anywhere and you will see who the tradies are..
    tradies wont show up with fairs or on scooters and ebikes..
    who do they work for

  2. Australia's problem is that it does not have a federal charter of human rights. You good people need to get together across all territories and petition your government for one.

  3. Are there any real crimes going on in Australia?!, imagine what you could do with that force for organized crime and human trafficking lol clowns

  4. heroes.
    you can hear the sadness in their voices. indeed last year's heroes, and now kicked aside.
    but glad to see you out there in faraway Australia rising up against this tyranny.
    a lot of support from the Netherlands.

    @ Avi go to rumble.
    more and more people are coming together on this platform every day.

  5. Guy from Denmark here,. All restrictions ended on September 10th. Cases are steady at about 330ish a day, and under 100 people in hospitals with covid in the entire country – We are 5,8 million people here. 74,3 % fully vaccinated – No vaccine mandate.
    I have chosen not to, and it´s fine.

  6. Talk to your doctor??? I don't think so sweetheart. Too much paid money under the table to have an honest answer from any Western doctor in today's world. My doctor got your retire at 57 because of all the paybacks. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$