Police. Protesters. People: Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink’s message to ALL PEOPLE.

Written by Jocko Podcast

Jocko Willink and Echo Charles discuss discipline and leadership... extensively.


  1. Law enforcement attracts the best people in the country, the cream of the crop. Law enforcement also attracts the worst sadist, incompetent, corrupt and racist people in the country. Cops clearly can't police themselves, the culture is such that they can't/won't rat each other out. The solution is to make every agency take a mandatory anonymous poll of the rank and file. Name the worst cops, crunch the numbers and either fire or give a desk job to the worst 10 percent. Do it every 5 years. Work out the bugs. Good cops don't want to work with lowlifes, they should welcome the idea. Replace the 10 percent with well screened cops.

  2. I've been a public servant now for over 20 years, whether in Corrections or as Deputy Sheriff Reserve, I can honestly say that this is how I have, and will continue to reflect on my fellow man. As you know too well, I also will make every effort to go home at the end of the day, regardless of what it takes….. I pray every day for peace, but also realize some will not allow it.

  3. In Summary, your Democrat Party, Your Republican party, your Anarchist ideals, your BLM belief,,,,, they are all there to make you commit violence and kill each other…..

  4. I want one person to tell me why they disliked this video. You are probobly some 9 year old who thinks they can go out and do whatever you want and burn down buildings with the protesters. Just have peace. ?

  5. More than a hundred years ago we demonstrated that even in the worst of wars we remembered our humanity on a day as Universal as Christmas

    But these animals tearing streets apart over their so called heroes are beyond reason

  6. With rare exceptions, as indicated…the problem of pain inflicted on one another has been with us from the beginning…without the 2nd advent, not much will change.

  7. Alot of folks just need to grow the heck up! And stop listening to what others tell you you should think and think for oneself. But, this takes maturity… may God bless us all with wisdom.

  8. The the tragedy is not enough people have died yet to solve this problem. It seems like people in this country aren't willing to change unless massive amounts death occurs. With all of the death and carnage in the media, movies, games, ect.. The people have become desensitized to death. Seeing death is a daily occurrence. When I was growing up, death was only in the movies. Real Death wasn't broadcast to your face every waking moment of the day. Unless death directly affects you or your family, most people just shrug it off as that's just part of life these days. Our society has evolved, and unfortunately not in a good way when it comes to death, power and control. I'll stand by original statement that nothing's going to change until there's a massive amount of death such as a race war or civil war or something like that.

    Look back at how many laws, laws like prohibition,.a power, money and control law. You know big monumental, life changing laws destroyed so many peoples lives, and it was only reversed based on the amount of death it caused. Once it became so obvious that the law was causing the death of so many for the benefit of so few, the people stood together and changed the laws. Same thing has to happen with the in drugs. It won't change until enough death and carnage has taken place and the people stand up and and change the laws.

    Now to the police, the root of so much of the tension. You see the police are the enforcers. They don't make the laws, they just enforce them. It's sad that any law, hell even a code violation (not a law), can cause you to loose your life if you don't allow the police to assert thier power over you. Rolling a few inches past a stop sign (Everyone, even the cops do this) can cost you your life. If you try to talk to an officer and explain how even they break this law every day, all day, and they should consider giving you a warming will fall on deaf ears. It's about power and money, not law enforcement or doing the right thing. The thin blue line has a thing called professional courtesy. This is where cops allow other cops to break the laws becuase they expect the same in return. Cops in many cases for DECADES have been above the law that they swore to upload. People are so tired of being held to a standard that the Police themselves refuse to uphold. Why should people listen to police? Why should we be forced to pay extra (beyond taxes) to put more money in to thier departments. The only time people should be forced to pay anything to anyone is when they cause harm to another person, a victim. The victims should be the recipient of damages caused by your actions. All the rest of the time it's bullshit. Common sense mist be applied to the law. The laws should be applied equally to every American, cop or no cop. The worst law to ever break is to disrespect a policeman. Take away the gun and this law goes out the door. In fact I think all patrolmen should be women (they aren't hot head testosterone monsters), and none of them should have a gun. if a patrolman comes up on a situation that requires violence they should back away. They should back away and call in a team of people, people with guns. Highly trained people with guns, people that have a supervisor over than making decisions on what should and should not take place, with guns. If all else has failed with respect to distillation, then the team leader makes a decision. Based on the situation is lethal or less than lethal what's called for to solve the situation. The bottom line is, to have a one-person walking the Earth with a gun and the power to enforce his will on you should be gone. The power of one person to take your life because they're having a bad day should be gone. protect and serve the people that hire you in pay your salary should be the number one goal not going home at the end of your shift. if going home at the end of your shift is the main goal for you being a policeman you're in the wrong line of work. I guarantee when they're being interviewed, their position isn't, I want to go home at the end of the shift, and this is the main reason why I'm a police officer. they say something like I want to help people are my community, I love people and I love interacting with people and I want to help them. These are the kinds of things that are said during the interview process. Then they go to a building first 6 months and next thing you know boom, they become a policeman. Is 6 months of training enough? Most jobs with very little power to change anything in the world require a bachelor degree. I'm not anti Police. We need police, we just need to rethink everything. The police has evolved into something that needs to be dialed back. Dilaed back greatly. The police department in the USA should not be dominating the world stage becuase of how the NEW daily norm of killing people is catalyst for tonight's news of a city being burned down in protest. Police killing has to stop unless it's vetted by a team of experts, a specialist team who is highly trained and trains daily to handle situations where a gun is actually needed to solve the problem. A team like they build in the Navy, like the seals, but as a police tac team with leaders who are experts in descliation and will only use guns as a last resort after less than leathal measures have been taken. Take the guns away from patrol me. The badge gives them the right to enforce the law. If a citizen refuses to comply, fine, back away and call in the team. Power tripping indivual cops need to be gone forever. Also since they are public servants, their performance records, payroll, hours worked, everything about them should be public record. If a bad cop gets fired from one department, there is no way in hell they should get a job at another. Especially if they are violent and have had tons of complaints on thier conduct.
    There needs to be a Nationwide leadership standard like in the services. There needs to be national laws on how a police department can operate. If a department takes federal money or resources, and they all do, they should be subject to federal laws on how they conduct business. Opening up on people becuase they refuse to listen has got to change.

    The police have been abusing their power for decades. The police didn't used to be like this 30 years ago. Millions of citizens in the United States and finally had enough of the abuse and they're trying to make the message clear that we need change radical change. You can bet your ass is comming. I'm sure the police hate not that thier power is comming to an end.

    To police, be nice, don't enforce bullshit laws, laws that you let your brothers get away with. Don't power Trip. If someone is being disrespectful, just walk away, calm down, write your ticket and go away. Don't press your shit, don't turn a speeding ticket into a gunfight because you now have PC to tear thier life apart. You know exactly what I am saying. Only engauge with people who are doing stuff that is seriously putting others at risk, not 5 over, your bored and they look sketchy. People are tired of being abused, it's going to get way worse unless you back off and apply common sense, or we the people stand together, tear down this corrupted system and rebuild it based on the needs that we the people want not, what the police want. I personally am tired of police versus vs instead of police working for us.

    Rant over for now. Jocko thanks for the good story, I've heard it before, but not as exciting or heartfelt as when you just told it.

  9. 6:33 Classic Tactic of propaganda and war. Dehumanize the enemy, so a person won't think twice about killing them. And might even be eager to kill them. I hope people will listen Jocko. I really do. But I'm not going to get my hopes up.

  10. I look forward to a time when humanity can put its differences aside knowing that those differences are artificial and the response to those differences is based on a philosophy of scarcity and fear. Scarcity and fear breeds greed and oppression. A truly affluent and brave person has no desire to oppress their fellow man. Maybe Jocko is rich and courageous and he is reflecting that here. I dont know him. But can the rest of us be like that? And if we aren't can we all fake it till we make it. I hope so. Because that's the only way this pyramid of domination ends. I'm glad this message is out there. And let's have a truce. The only ones benefiting from a divided people are the generals on top and they are rarely the ones that die. Well said here.

  11. I love this story. I remember my history teacher telling it to us. Back when history was taught…We are in a fight for this country folks. 3.3k dislikes? You folks should open your ears and close your mouths and listen to someone who has seen more hate and blood and death than you will probably ever see in your life.

  12. Pedophiles and Felons and Hitler and Stalin and Democrats are all people too. Got it…. Rolling my eyes. Sorry Jocko….. The situation we are in is not the same as the WWI story you told. and you leave out some context. LIke these people on the left are following their hearts and dreams for a communist America. They are not taking orders from generals. These people are totalitarians who want to enslave a nation of free people.