Police pursue victim of VIOLENT lockdown arrest

Protester says it will be hard to forgive Victoria Police for the brutal takedown.
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Written by Avi Yemini

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  1. Bunch of cowards. We have a similar problem with RCMP in Canada. They cant find a pimple on their own forehead if their lifes depended on it but they are first in line to violate peoples right

  2. Don’t forgive them, I’m not going to. They’ve overstepped the mark of ‘Uphold The Right’ no longer with impartiality and integrity they now serve and protect Dan Andrews as his bully boys. Forever shamed as far as I’m concerned.

  3. The government has stepped over a the line I think with police force over small incidents turn into big incidents with police jumping on innocent people over absolutely nothing realistically she was there because she lost a job this makes me very angry to the point I can’t imagine what needs to happen to sort this shit out Just watching it again now I have to see it when it happened boils my blood I can’t look at police officers the way I used to I don’t respect them as much now so if they get it bad luck

  4. But drop me a still doesn’t fix everything absolutely not somebody should be held accountable for their actions the government needs to cop it something sweet someone needs to be locked up for that

  5. Never forgive ever never give up stand and fight till you get your justice. This is so disgusting so disgraceful to even watch an innocent person being harassed and violently pinned to the ground to a point where they cannot breath for no apparent reason. These aren't cops they are brutal pigs that resemble inhumane animalistic behaviour that have no pitty or remorse or a sole and must face crimes against humanity be put in prison for there entire lives with no chance of parole granted and be made an example to the rest of society i am totally disgusted by these images and NEVER WILL TRUST POLICE IN VICTORIA EVER AGAIN IF THEY CAN DO THIS TO HER THEN THEY CAN DO THIS TO ALL OF US PERIOD.

  6. What happened to her was not right and she doesn't need to embellish and lie about the incident.
    If you can scream "I can't breath" you can obviously breath.

  7. it will get to the point that cops will start getting gang bashed for stuff like this
    only so much crap and hypocrisy people can take before they snap

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