Police Pursuit Increasing – Melbourne Protest

Saturday 2 October

Written by Melbourne Ground


  1. Governments never give back any rights they take, ever! The only way to get your freedom back is to take it back. The police in Melbourne are the peoples enemy, they have proven it. What will it be Freedom or Government camps?

  2. The best way to keep people enslaved is to brainwash them into thinking they're free..The sheep spends its entire life trading its freedom to the farmer for safety from the wolf. In the end the farmer slaughters it anyway…
    The most dangerous thing is when people are ready to believe and obey the government without asking questions.. I hope we don't give up our freedom , to purchase a little temporary Safety.. we will end up with neither Freedom  nor  Safety with this communist system..Its the Nazi  Berlin wall history repeating all over again…
    (Must watch – George orwells Warning for the world

    The vaccine is so effective that they have to "force" the unvaccinated people to protect the Vaccinated people 🤣🤣The vaccine doesn't even prevent transmission.. so why is it compulsory??? it's like telling your neighbor to apply sunscreen so that you don't get sunburned🤣🤣 If the vaccine is so "safe" why is the government and the pharma company not take accountability / any liability for the side effects in the future???
    Creating fear is a necessary tool for controlling the masses.. Public Safety is always the excuse that Tyrants give when trying to enslave people.. If the vaccine is so "safe" why is the government and the company not take accountability / any liability for the side effects in the future??? Why do they have to force it on people?? Completely ignoring natural immunity as well 😑😑Trying to lure people into a trap promising Safety from an imaginary perceived  threat with a 99.5% survival rate🤣 . Rise up people !! before its too late … the difference between conspiracy theories and truth is 6 months these days 🥲🥲
    must watch 👇👇
    another good one 👇👇
    vaccine deaths /side effects  PROOF??? 👇👇👇
    deaths in india
    microchips in vaccines 😑

    Everyone who mandates this barely tested vaccine be sued.
          . You can argue and say that I'm anti-vax all you want, but the truth is: I'm pro-health freedom. EVERY ONE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT GOES INSIDE THEIR BODY. ITS BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS !!  true stories of the many reactions and deaths due to the jabs that are being censored all over the world. Those who do not want to get the shot are not being selfish. Those who suffer reactions have to deal with the loss of health, the loss of work, the loss of income, mounting medical bills as well as the loss of freedom if passports go into effect. Those who have lost a loved one are now being shamed and silenced for speaking out. If you want the shot, great get it. But do not make it a condition for employment, travel and freedom. What ever happened to "My Body My Choice"? And do not respond that your choice ends when you endanger others since breakthrough cases happen just as well. ✌🏼

    A government powerful enough to give you everything you want is also powerful enough to take everything you have…

    Please share post far & wide.
    Also watch these Government officials injecting saline instead of the vaccine 😳  they themselves don't want to take the shot    but wanna force everyone to take it .
    Why an obsession with safety creates a sick society 👇
    Rise up People!!! before its too late!! Freedom is the most important thing in the entire world 🌎

  3. Pursuit of madmen madness!
    Peaceful protests are the way to stop this madness happening today in the most beautiful city in the world!
    Keep it up you Legends
    Pursuit of Happiness begins with Freedom!
    God bless our land and all of you hordes!

  4. Those police keep make offence every day stalking people who exercise and walk followed them harass them ask illegally questions got those offence they need to be punish

  5. Cops choose pay master over community. This just means they are fair game. Peaceful protests and voting wont make this go away. revolutionary violence will. Australia needs its own 1776!

  6. It's a known fact…. A cornered dog will eventually bite your azz! The good people of Australia have been cornered! Govt should be afraid of the people not the other way around!

  7. So sheep on both sides here they follow each other and chant and tske directions like a good sheep, then I watch to my right and they follow take the vaccine and sit at home😂

  8. Know your rights OR what left of them

    For the Life of me Never Understand what the Govt & Buffer Police gain from this abuse of Aussie people .

    Filmed tackling women old people harass anyone alone & asking lots of stupid Q's to mind numb & confuse them

    Aussie Cossack out there Filming unsung media hero shows you what goes on He's pulled over by cops daily .