Police Recruiting For Lateral Surveillance Program

#AusPOL #Surveillance #HeiseSays
The Federal Police are recruiting for their lateral surveillance program.


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Written by Heise Says


  1. At least they are not at the point yet of employing every day citizens. There is real police experience required which means their pool of people willing to do this is not as large as it were if this was a entry level job.

  2. I support it, i want to dob in those that can count and read , those that got bank loans to buy to buy a coffee franchise which ended up with responsible lending law.

  3. You do realize that your country is 2/3 of the way already to what it looks like in communist China? Your police forces have become the enemy. There is no peaceful end to this. You either start standing up to the Tyranny or your lives are going to become catastrophic sooner than you could ever imagine

  4. My wife’s grandfather was a KGB informant in a small Baltic town. Everyone knew eventually. He is now rotting in a shitty care home dying alone. He has zero friends and the family can’t stand him. Let that be a warning to snitches.

  5. We already have our DNA taken and IPhone tracker app . So the likes of the very few Super rich nontaxpaying wanting to hold onto their money and protect their property .

  6. We're all in serious trouble with this sort of shit. This is not even a question of whether it will be used for political purposes. I'll go a step further: it will be used EXCLUSIVELY for political purposes! Big trouble ahead with the vaxx pass system…. See you all in the gulag! At least there will be some good people there, lol, as fellow inmates…

  7. Straight from the Chinese Social Credit, they get a lot of awards for reporting on all sort of behaviours that goes straight to you social credit. Wake up Internet ID and Vaccine Status already in the MyGov homepage

  8. you need to remember that lefties think that everyone of an identity-group think and act the same, so thier idea of diversity of thought really means diversity of race/sex/orientation

  9. So sad to see the police, who are meant to be our servants, have become our enemy,
    I am not surprised, they are MKultra, I am ashamed because my son is a police man,
    30 years now, from a terrific guy to one with no soul. There is nothing to say, we are from
    different worlds, I still have my soul.