‘Police See The Population As Expendable’

Jeffrey A. Tucker takes aim at the Australian notion that police and government will always protect the average citizen.

When interviewing Jeffrey I quietly questioned his assertion, but today I had a conversation with a former CIRT (Critical Incident Response Team) member of Victoria Police who absolutely confirmed the same culture emerging in Australia where command officers instruct those on the ground to hold back and wait to cover their own lack of decision making.

On the ground team leaders then offer to go in anyway without authorisation of the commanding sergeant…which is accepted by the sergeant as long as any negative outcome of the decision reflects on the grunt, not the sergeant.

I’m told this culture of backside covering is rampant and increasing, especially when OH&S, equity and compliance issues mount as gender quotas fill our most critical emergency services.

In other words, police become primarily concerned about preserving themselves (life, health, career) and the population suffer through this paralysis.

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  1. Same thing with health practitioners. You import scores of "professionals" with zero ties or roots to a region and it's pre-existing population. Of course you get distrust and evisceration of social cohesion. This is something Austria-Hungary and Poland found out the hard way when they were torn apart and brutalised into nothing. Australia will sadly have to go through this same process. It's too late now for it be otherwise. If it were still the 80's maybe things could have been different.

  2. The population sees the population as expendable
    Y'all know why petrol is $2 and not $40
    Y'all don't care

    Y'all know why t-shirts are $5 instead of $10
    Why cans of drink are $1 instead of $8
    Why phones are $1000 instead of $8000
    Etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc

    And zero f's are given
    Actually less than zero
    Because y'all attack people who talk on this

    So how could the police, who are the people, be any different.

    Enjoy your cheap crap, and would y'all stop pretending to care.

    It's so disingenuous, and fake.

    Theres your fake news: "people care"

    What a whopping load of crap.

    Y'all care that you don't have more power than the po-po

    Well, how'd the """""free"""""" market conquer the world then sweetie?

    Oh, you hugged wittle bunny rabbits 🐰
    And when they pooped out rainbows 🌈
    You went and collected the pots o gold

    No. Uh-uh.
    You sent the po-po, and the army-o
    Out into the world-o
    To "insert naughty words youtube hates that means biological organisms cease functioning in a very graphic and disgusting fashion " and take all their crap.

    Y'all know that.

    And it's still happening.
    Yes today.
    In fact right now.

    Youre upset because….
    it's happening to you😭😫😭😫😭

    Tough, do you want a """"""free""""""" market or not?🤔

    Nice video👍

  3. I was thinking about something similar to this today on my walk. The time is now to turn to the Police and Military and ask them, flat out, are you okay with brutalising and suppressing your fellow man for a paycheck.

  4. Victoria – Pandemic Emergency power bill
    Remember Dan Andrews tried to fast track (hide) that pandemic bill? The one that gives the premier dictatorial powers?
    The bill that actually passed anyways – with minor amendments?
    It's still there.. waiting for that future pandemic – the pandemic that the premier can call ANY TIME HE WANTS – no matter if there's really a pandemic or not..

    People should be protesting and demanding this legislation removal.

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