Police Still Shirking Grooming Gang Duty

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  1. They didnt "fail". Theyve been doing this, knowingly, for decades. This is exactly what theyve want. It wont stop until the Police and politicians involved are punished. Preferably without mercy.

  2. I remember taking a cab to Heathrow a few years back and chatting to a Pakistani Muslim driver. We discussed the grooming gangs which were in the news at the time. He admitted that it was terrible – and then told me that he'd been invited to parties in Guildford where young white girls were on offer. This is still going on – everywhere –

  3. Being in fear of being called a racist for something everyone agrees you should be doing just doesn't explain their actions, the police must be actively aiding and abetting the rape and trafficking and they're just trying to cover it up.

  4. I have about as much time for the Police in this country as I do the nonces they refuse to investigate. If only we had a government with an 83 seat majority that could reform them, oh wait…

  5. why is everyone blaming the police – parents??? the police are the last part of the puzzle – how do they prosecute – wake up the councils are complicit.. data protection laws and social media are at fault … easy to prosecute grooming when there is evidence and the councils/parents are doing their job. As for religious problems – they are cultural/social and should be debated without being phobic and political – practices not tolerated in the UK by any fanatics.. however the money needs tracing by the police and the guilty exposed.

  6. notice how the police chief mentioned having a police force that is as diverse as the public it serves. I believe part of the problem here is the excessive hiring of Pakistani police officers that very likely could be involved themselves or end up covering for people in there community while subverting the British officers jobs by aggressively pushing this idea of recording race or investigating is a racist practice. This idea of it being consensual i bet could have also come from them,

  7. ..i don't get why can't you just h8 the terrible actions and criticize the action and not comment at all on which race the person is…. why do you NEED so much to say or do something rac. .st. Just focus on

    a human who did a bad thing. why is it so hard…..

  8. 1) The event depicted in the cartoon DID happen in reality, apart from the cops not having rainbow lapels at that time.
    2) News out TODAY indicates that in Telford the dwellings of victims of the groominGangs are being set on fire by the groomers and/or their supporters.

  9. Every one of them should be publicly hanged for dereliction of duty and for failing to prevent rape and sexual assault, they are the most loathsome human beings, worse in my opinion than the groomers and rapists

  10. If the chief officers cannot police without fear or favour, they should be sacked with immediate effect and the part of their pensions paid from the public purse revoked. The problem is, that many senior officers are constantly looking over their shoulders for their next promotion or award. They are no longer police officers, more like political officers. How can they not record the ethnicity of the suspects/offenders? As an ex – police officer and ex – intelligence officer, they disgust me. I would not pay them in washers.

  11. The key issues in such aspect are not inherently the executive branch 'police' but the supervisors and political executive who will decide over your job. If the council want's less – or look better than we just need to do less, it's not necessary what the MP demands, the public (out/inside the region) and the regional community. In addition you have other branches that are trying to redirect the issue elsewhere. And outside 'experts' or consulting groups (such ass STONEWALL) that are often involved on a political subject that hinder the issues. The last part, the indoctrination from the inside to a different cause for other/unknown/personal reasons in combination with consulting groups.

  12. So why hasn’t the Her Majesty’s inspector of police when an audit is made or inspection of those police forces, if the force has not com-lied put them in special measures, putting the PCC and Chief Constable at risk of sacking for failing in their duties

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