Police Try to Justify friendlyjordies Arrest

Police Comissioner Mick Fuller gets probed by Labor MLC Adam Searle and Greens MLC David Shoebridge over the fixated persons unit’s targeting of friendlyjordies.

Taken from the live stream of Legislative Council Budget Estimates 2020-2021 Supplementary Hearing – Police and Emergency Services on 29th October 2021.

Written by friendlyjordies


  1. That dude on the left is a fing liar. He would have known about all this because it's about the a high profile person. There is no way he wasnt involved. Also, this channel is in the new terrority of thought crimes and Aus and Canada are both going after people that dont toe the line or aka "right think" meaning dont think the same way as the Liberial. Justin Trudeau or Justeen as I call him. He and the Liberial party here in Canada are trying to pass bill C36 or some form of it in the future. Basically if you feel your feelings are hurt you can be put in jail and uts major components are for policing the internet. Also its worded very very basic. Leaving room for multiple avenues of interpretation. This is not what a law is supposed to be. The bill is worded to be used broadly to suppress critical, satire or critiques of people and the government. Trudeau has a special hate for anyone who speaks out against him no matter how it was put.

    He has been videoed saying he "Admires Chinas little dictatorship. With it we can get so much done". Basically he is for totalitarianism of the country. The average Canadian is giving him a pass on all his proven corruption, hypocrisy, lies and law breaking.

  2. Police are hiding behind cases that have nothing to do with this case, if your a person in a public eye criticism comes with the job , police are covering up a botch job ordered by a politician ( s) John Howard had no problem with press harassing him there is a cover up !

  3. 'Blah blah blah blah blah blah…………we did nothing wrong…..oim a commisshoner an I done know a lot of stuff roilly. Barilaro is juz great mate!! What a load of BS. Good job done by Searle, top notch.

  4. For far to long the Australian government has had total control over what can and can't be broadcast and published. Now there are alternate platforms and the government doesn't like it.

  5. Mick Fuller a cock head. A grown bully of a minister sicks the secret police on to a reporter because he claimed psychological harm because of criticism. Baralarow should be charged with making a vexatious complaint.

  6. Thanks for pointing this out and putting a light on this obviously corrupt behaviour in the police. Hopefully the sunlight will sanatise these issues and those bad actors will be suitably punished.
    It's outrageous. The government talks about rule of law but appears to be reluctant to follow the law when it's not in their favour..
    I cannot wait for the elections. I hope people vote many out as letting this occur is only to the detriment of the society we ALL live in here in Australia.

  7. WOW! The FPU is going to come extraordinarily busy if they are going to get involved in every single incidence of 'online' bullying.

    Elliot is a complete buffoon.

  8. For years, the LNP has been protected somewhat from criticism by the mainstream media, especially the Murdoch media, they are not happy that an alternative news outlets can bypass the system that protects them. This is the very reason the government wants to control the online media , as they do the mainstream.

  9. Fixattor get more value for your money out of boiling potattor wot a sack of yobs well done Jordie You got rid of boiled cabbage John back bone,,, , job well done,go after those other tatties now.Johnnle NZJT

  10. "Good morning. I'm a police officer and I'm here to lie at you." These blokes will segue into political jobs when they have to resign their police commission for health reasons.