Polio Found In NYC Wastewater Samples!

New reports have emerged revealing that the polio virus has been discovered in New York City’s wastewater and that actual cases of polio are also turning up. Is this a situation that calls for alarm or are the powers that be simply trying to gin up fear among the populace of a new threat that will require a solution that might be costly for the government but highly lucrative for the pharmaceutical industry?

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger wonder what level of threat this latest health concern reaches.

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  1. Actually, with the currently used injected inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) used in the US and most developed countries in recent years, you can still become infected with polio, and spread it, without becoming seriously ill. This was changed from the old oral attentuated virus vaccine (OPV), as the IPV was supposedly safer.

  2. It is a monkey pox!!. 😩 😩
    The new polio vaccine is rMNA technology so get ready.
    Illegals coming from Texas pooping shows these people are nuts in the first place.

  3. many viruses and contaminants can cause "polio-like symptoms". The one termed "polio" is just the first thing they identified in the grey matter matter causing paralysis. Polio means Grey btw.

  4. People are asleep. What's the chances that we have a pandemic of covid which we now know came from the lab , monkey pox that just mysteriously appeared, and now all the sudden we have polio?unfucking believable!!!!!🤦‍♂️

  5. Distracting people from the global looting & larceny by Davos men and their minion leaders/legislators through war, proxy war, economic sanction to push prices up, weakening small economies & businesses to buy them or push them to merger in order to destroy competition (Economic Gain of Function by gangester millionaire), leading to death of the weakest or economically inactive to continue gaining gargantuan profit while reducing human population not satisfactorily achieved during pandemic?!

  6. We all know this is a major distraction meant to have a large influence on the midterm elections. At the least it is meant to be a distraction from the disaster that is the government in power. I guess I have to own that since I am a US citizen. I don't consider this administration to legitimate, non the less.

  7. Agenda 2021 one of the goals is mandate 100 plus vax for all children and adults at gun point. So there will be all the stuff and more we were vaxxed for as kids resurfacing so that we have to keep taking different pokes.

  8. Polio virus is very different than Poliomyelitis which is the inflammatory response stripping away the Mylan sheath. What we referred to as the polio epidemic should’ve actually been called the DDT epidemic. When you combine this sort of virus with that sort of toxin boom goes the dynamite and you get the stripping of the Mylan sheath. But it was assumed that it was being caused by polio and not many of the other causes for what is generally known as AFM. Once we started testing for polio it suddenly disappeared and today we have things like GBS.

    As far as the vaccine it never did anything to end the polio epidemic‘s. If you look at when they were licensed the statistics prove it. Just like the measles vaccine was licensed after 99.9% of people stoped dying of the measles.

    And vaccines did not save us from diseases, plumbing did. However in the case of polio what saved us was no longer using DDT.

    Interesting sidenote is that we have enterovirus number 68 that is being blamed for polio like symptoms. Sounds to me like we’ve got another man-made toxin combining with another virus.

    I’m also very suspicious of how we find viruses in our I sewers before we have the outbreaks with the people. It makes you think somebody’s adding something to the water.

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