Polish MPs Protest Under Australian Embassy Over Human Rights Issues – TRANSLATED

GUILTY. Poland has joined the international movement of condemning Australia’s treatment of citizens, comparing it’s radical left wing policies to that of North Korea. Human rights hold universal values which should be adopted by states worldwide.

Australia has begun suffering the adverse consequences of leaked footage despite a media blackout, resulting in global scrutiny.


Written by Meet Karma


  1. Go Poland Go!!! G-d bless you for speaking up and may He punish and bring misery on the oppressors in Australia and deliver the poor Australians whose guns were taken away not too many years back. Blessings from me, a believer in Messiah, America

  2. Over 75000 people have died of Covid in Poland and only 1309 people in Australia. Australia are doing a far better job than Poland. All Politicians are liars never forget this.

  3. Thanks Poland…..! My father was the FIRST person and family to leave Warsaw. After the war ended. He knew the dictatorship of the SS GERMAN'S ….this is Not good for AUSTRALIA……!

  4. Thank you for sharing!! Poland yes, yes, yes, this is what is needed, let's see more countries come to support! What is happening in Australia is wrong and needs to stop. It is starting to happen in other countries as they have seen Australia getting away with it. We need to work together, every country united when this tyranny happens!!

  5. The action of Austrian politicions has saved many lives. I am relieved that our hospitals are not overwhelmed like countries overseas that have seen 1000's of deaths. We have a lower rate of death than most other countries. I do disagree with segregating unvaccinated and vaccinated people as if people are vaccinated the unvaccinated have minimal risk to the vaccinated.

  6. Aussie citizen living in Melbourne here – thank you for globalising the context of oppression we are so bitterly experiencing here in a country that was once great.

  7. We’ve never had any guaranteed rights here, but I can’t believe how dystopian it’s rapidly become. I think at least half of the Australian people deserve communism – they are completely incapable of having any independent thought. Whatever fake news and their politicians tell them, they will swallow.

  8. I live in Melbourne and our politicians here seem to be untouchable. I hope this makes a difference. Also thank you Poland. I'm proud to be of Polish descent.