Political, Media Elites GASLIGHT On Third Parties | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar have commentator James Li make the case for third parties in response to gaslighting from political and corporate media elites

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James Li:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. The biggest falacy is that this is a democracy.. its not.. it is a republic that is as far from democracy as possible. the electoral system is rigged, the senate is anti democratic as the Communist Party.. and the media is bought and controlled by the oligarchy or corporate elites.

  2. The two major parties have to do everything they can to suppress third parties because they know if people realize they can go third party, the two major parties will quickly be retired to the trash heap of history.

    Neither party serves most American and hasn’t for decades.

  3. You mean Americans want more choices than Coke and Pepsi? Salt and pepper? Right, left? Up down? Black white? Chicken or beef?
    Mainstream wants to make it seem like we don’t have choices. Limit our brain power.

  4. I wish socialists run the third party to screw the Dems like the Justice Party in the 1990s🤞 Please do it🤗 And of course, you will get the Republicans like Liz Cheney, Peter Mijer, and Adam whatever in your third party. Republicans have fought and caught like Trump or DeSantis. Good luck 👍

  5. @5:50 you're comparing apples with oranges. Canada has a parliamentary system, while America has a Presidential system. In the Parliament the President's election or even survival is based on the Parliament. Here President can only be impeached and he's not answerable to either the Congress or Senate. The switch in congress or Senate have no effect on President's survival here. But there it matters. Also, you make an interesting point about third parties stopping no one can win the majority. But why should the Independents vote for socialists or big government party or even universal healthcare. Your third party is going to get votes mostly from the disaffected liberals or some leaning Dems, but that's not going to change the number of votes you can win. Justice Party did the same thing to the GOP in the 1990s, but could not even win a single state. Bill Clinton won easily because of the Justice party eroding the GOP voter base. You guys will do the same to the Dems as Republicans got their guys like Trump or DeSantis, so the only disaffected Republicans are the neo-cons and religious nuts like Pence's coalition. They aren't going to vote for you anyway. Also, the independents need not swing to your side anyway as they may swing 35-35 to the GOP and Dems, while the rest to your side. But please screw the Dems anyway🤭 one more thing how long do you think the third party will be corrupt because the corporations can buy them just like they did with AOC and cuck Bernie🤔

  6. I always knew 3rd parties work. People told me 3rd party won't work in America because one party is a majority. Then I looked around and you have to hit a certain number to be a majority. So in theory you can have no majority if no party hit that majority threshold.

  7. If you have ranked choice voting third parties shouldn't be an issue at all. It solves the problem in that many people have a fatalist attitude about voting, that voting for anyone other than R or D is "throwing your vote away". With ranked choice you can have the confidence to put a third party at the top knowing that it won't cost an election for your preferred major party should your third party lose.

  8. well presented. but you skipped mentioning the actual appeal of a vote coming down to 2 finalists – everyone feels like they genuinely took part in the final decision.
    The problem is that they've locked off the entry points, so we don't actually elevate top finalists through a popular selection process.

  9. I think using Canada as an example is a MISTAKE. Use France as an example. Canada is just bullied by the left and this merger with the liberals. The liberals want everything the NDP wants… The both work for the WEF

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