Political Prosecutions Are Back On Our Menu, Boys!

Anyone else nostalgic for Weimar Germany?
Too bad.

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. Jesus Titty fucking Christ. That joke about Hitler not even finishing one race…Some Dark Funny shit there.
    I am ashamed of myself for how hard I'm laughing at that.

  2. Just as i thought, the Cosby confession was complete nonsense, bhahahaha!!
    I F'ing knew it.
    I mean really, why would Cosby a man at the top of his game, money and all, why would he even need drugs to get girls, girls who btw are putting themselves in a situation where they are alone in the room with Cosby, most likely with a skimpy dress.
    And if they were drugged, why?, why the F do they wait till decades later to bring this nonsense up.
    To hell with the American legal system.

  3. Remember half a year ago when Razor was all "[INSERT NAME HERE] is going to ride to the rescue and save us all from the fraud and if you think anything else you're a black pilled puss!!"

    Good times 😀

  4. I see a lot of people talking about the coming WWROL, (World Without Rule of Law for those unfamiliar with the acronym).
    News flash folks it's already here and it's been here for a long damned time…

  5. I hear the head prosecutor for the case against Trump is, in fact, Larry David.
    It's the case about nothing.
    First hearing is due to take place in a limo with…you know who.

  6. Yea Bill Cosby was the last straw for me. Any "Rape" allegation I hear anymore…. I take the guys side. Sorry to the real rape victims…. Blame the cunts that ruin peoples lives because "they didn't want people to think they where a slut"….

  7. I mean Trump literally ran on locking up Hillary. He also is a crony capitalist of the turd order. Odds are finding something to trump up some charges (bad pun intended) won’t be hard. I just feel that unlike Trump these guys might follow through.

  8. Never forget…. Epstein killed himself with a rag at the exact moment all the cameras glitched out and all the guards were simultaneously taking emergency bathroom breaks. Also, Joe Biden legitimately received the most votes in the history of American elections. Also, the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a good reason to invade Vietnam. Also: Tower 7 fell instantly because of fire, Flight 93 vaporized in Shanksville, no footage or wreckage exists from Flight 77 hitting The Pentagon, molten steel pouring out of the towers had nothing to do with thermite found in ground zero dust samples, Iraq had WMDs, and Bin Laden is sleeping with the fishes. Aaaaand we haven't gone to the moon since 1972 because 'been there done that.'

  9. Hey now, those moneied elites worked, connived, and schemed day and night to set up the legal system to benefit themselves at the expense of the plebs!
    How dare the plebs act like they have equal rights without having money? Money= power.

  10. Anyone else notice that more and more of these people's eyes and faces are starting to form the same way as the highly artificial selected dog (pugs, etc.) breeds are?(see thumbnail)