Politicians Breaking Their Own Mask Rules! (Biden, Harris, Trudea etc..)

For over 2 years Politicians have shown contempt for the general public by not only putting in place harsh mask mandates but hypocritically flaunting these rules themselves!

Written by MilkBarTV


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  1. “We are the goon squad
    And we're coming to town
    Beep-beep” – Facemask enthusiasts

    “Please feel free to leave.” – Everyone else with a IQ above room temperature.

  2. Makes you sick watching these low life's. May they all catch Monkey Pox🙉. That clip of Mclown 🤡 covering his face what a tool. Probably had Paul Papalias g banger on. 💩

  3. The word on the street was – don't touch your mask or else it's contaminated (useless)!
    Change your mask every three hrs!
    Once you take it off – don't put the same one back on again!
    And the Head Clowns are using it to play pass the parcel with it.
    They manufacture a virus – than make us pay to look like them 🤡 Clowns!
    Ps I was waiting for that vid of McClown struggling to put on the black mask. 😆 Every move he makes is Priceless!
    The Translator, the Easter Bunny imitation, & the list goes on 🤣

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