Politico: Tara Reade Was Poor & A Bad Tenant So Joe Biden Couldn’t Have Assaulted Her

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Politico: Tara Reade Was Poor & A Bad Tenant So Joe Biden Didn’t Assault Her

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Written by Jamarl Thomas

This channel is an honest analysis of the news with a progressive view point without allegiance to anything other than the truth. At least in as far as I can determine based on the evidence present. I won't always be right, but I will always be honest about it.You can support my work by liking, sharing, and commenting on my videos, in addition to joining my Patreon account.I want to thank everyone for their support. It's immensely appreciated, completely humbling, and to some degree totally unanticipated. I just wanted to change the narrative of the prevailing paradigm. This channel allows me to do such. Thank you for the opportunity.


  1. How true Jamal…many victims of sexual it physical assaults have such s vere CPTSD that they lose their ability to work and don't have the ability to focus to return to the same wage earner they've been bf the assault. Thank you for covering this story. I have not heard this from any other news source

  2. poor people look down on other poor people with pity, not camaraderie.. It's a mental distancing play. intrapersonal equity-formulations of valueships exist in domestic psychology.. It's a good angle to call her poor; because other 'poor people' will disassociate from backing her, in fear that it would potentially represent their sympathy to be an empathy… "#BAAABAAABAAAA :^O" Our citizenry doesn't have a brilliancy problem; and a clear indicator of that is the use of the same ol' plays being productively & efficiently executed on the same ol' herds… They just don't think they're sheep anymore, simply because they know that sheep exist- and their shepherd has changed their sir-names to "lamb"..

    We are a society of extreme cuteness.

  3. The pot calling the kettle black? There going to destroy this poor woman. By the time there done with her you wouldn't recognize her. Bill Clinton did the same thing to his victims

  4. Notice: The article never explicitly says that Reade is lying about the assault. They do everything they can to imply that is the case but they avoid saying it outright because that would put them at risk of exposure for libel.

  5. There also is no "private alcove" in the hallways of the Senate building she claims it happened, and it hasn't been remodeled since 1993. So if it happened, it happened in a place that doesn't exist. But details details. We need to believe the "victim," amirite?

  6. Everyone that was part of metoo/times up that supports Joe Biden needs to be named and shamed and whenever they are on tv questioned "why are they ok for this woman to be slandered like this while they stay silent?" EVERY TIME THEY PUT THEIR FACE IN FRONT OF A CAMERA

  7. Who is to say that Tara being sexually assaulted didn't cause her life to spiral downward causing her to have money problems. I know a too many women who were sexually molested by their step dads or were abandoned by their fathers that ended up permanently damaged affecting their lives horribly for the rest of their lives. The worst they can come up with is she couldn't pay her rent and didn't return some books? They didn't say she caused drama or damaged their properties. So sounds like other than having trouble paying her rent on time or at all was the worst of it. People writing and publishing these articles are scumbags! If Tara is lying she should be in acting because she win an Oscar.

  8. This story gives a pretty good description of a pattern that fits the kinds of situations that are pretty good indicators of a person suffering from PTSD. As many victims of sexual violence do.This is a story that could be flipped on it's head and used to help Ms Reade.

  9. In an indirect way they are trying to make it seem like she is poor so she is doing this for a pay out to shut up about it. Instead of directly attacking or smearing her, they interview others to paint a picture of her as a poor person who is irresponsible and one of those eww gross poors out there like most of the country is going to be with another month of quarantining.

  10. When I was an EMT, I had many patients with various kinds of brain injuries and it can be really hard to work with them sometimes because often their brains aren't accurately processing what's going on. It's fairly common for them to misunderstand the situation when you are trying to do something as simple as putting them on the gurney and taking vitals so they will sometimes start hitting you. I had other patients who had lost any sense of inhibition and they would try to grab you, often in somewhat sexual places. It sucks but you really can't be upset with them in the same way you would be with someone whose brain wasn't injured because they are literally misinterpreting things. It's one thing to take care of a patient with a brain injury but I think it would be incredibly taxing on one's patients to be married to one so I could see how Tara could become more perturbed after her ex-husband's brain injury. The trouble is that people who are constantly at their emotional breaking point do snap at others oftentimes and the problem with people in general is that they tend to take that kind of thing personally instead of even entertaining the notion that perhaps you just happened to interact with that person when they were at their absolute wit's end. Yeah, you still shouldn't snap at people but I'd say that he who hasn't snapped at someone when they were maximally frustrated with something or someone else is the only one who can cast any stones here and I know I certainly can't.

  11. Off topic, but if it weren't for one Elizabeth Warren, this might not be happening; found this on Twitter:
    If you ever need it, here's how she screwed Bernie on Super Tuesday:
    TX- Biden: 716,030 / Sanders: 622,360 / Liz: 237,028
    MN- Biden: 287,553 / Sanders: 222,431 / Liz: 114,674
    Mass- Biden: 473,511 / Sanders: 376,608 / Liz: 303,770
    ME- Biden: 68,396 / Sanders: 65,894 / Liz: 31,51

  12. "I dont see what her poverty has to do with sexual assault"
    Well, dont you know, all poor women who come forward with accusations are just looking for attention and pity and money and are paid by the opposition etcetcetcetcetc
    Fuck those assholes, fuck them all.

  13. When a niece of mine came forward about her assaults by her father(possible rape I dont know for sure myself i was young)…..her father told her mom and I and others that "this was her golden ticket" as if to say that she was getting something out of it, like she was cartman on south Park first finding out about "the m word" if you feel me. Guess what, her dad also m worded others and was a coach for a girls softball team.

  14. This is the reason women who are molested do not disclose the incident. The victim is further victimized. She was poor so she cannot be molested by Biden. Only rich people are molested!! HELP THE WOMEN.

  15. A lot of these problems sound like she was a young woman with a promising future that got her a job in Washington working for a Senator… and then she's sexually assaulted by that Senator and forced to keep it to herself because no one would believe much less help her. From there she enters a personal and professional tailspin probably aided by substance abuse and other self-destructive behaviors to mask emotions and stress that have never been properly dealt with.

    Basically this sounds like just about every military vet with PTSD or victim of abuse, domestic violence, and rape. If they don't get a handle on it they become addicts with no self control, perpetually homeless, unable to form healthy relationships, bad with money, and subject to severe mental health issues that makes them practically impossible to deal with. They become rejects of society that bounce in and out of prison, rehab, shelters, and people's lives until they die or get help. Somewhere in between they become even more vulnerable to abuse and assaults.

    But none of that means she wasn't a victim of sexual assault. So congrats, Politico. I'm sure writing that hit piece earned you the approval of your editors and access to the Biden campaign where you can provide bland and forgettable coverage that needs to be approved by your new friends before it can be published.

  16. They're trying to setup the idea that she is poor and making "false allegations" against Biden to gain fame and fortune or taking a bribe because she's desperate.

  17. So an intern who accuses the Most Powerful Man In The Senate of harassment/assault is forever exiled from the professional political/managerial class. Seems to bolster her claims, not diminish them. You get those internships to leverage them into climbing the career ladder; professional advocate, political consultant, think tank fellow, position at a top law firm, even future political office. People who leave those internships typically don't end up at Seattle Law school, which tells me she was blackballed. Pretty clear case of cause and effect.

  18. Look on Google for her various names. Multiple small Mom and pop landlords scammed and cheated. Domestic violence years before was always the excuse. Law school cheated 23k. Mom and pop grocery store cheated $2300 in Pacific Grove. Professional con-artist. She selfishly ruined the needed MeToo movement to selfishly run her biggest scam on national news. All women with legit claims are her victims, too.

  19. And here I thought it was accepted that even a prostitute or a junkie can make a valid claim of sexual assault, and that they should be treated with dignity while the assault is investigated, disregarding the messier details of their lives.

  20. Being poor doesn't make you any less credible!!! So what Politico is trying to do, is equate the wealthy with being truthful, I call BULLSHIT on that!
    Fuck Politico!