PolitiFact Exposed: No science & Poor Ethics

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  1. My fact check is my intellect & gut…this has been refined over the best move came in 2016 when I completely stopped watching & reading any MSM in its’s well how do i say this…100% bullshit !

  2. 4:02 the great majority of people with undergraduate degrees aren't prepared in any way to meaningfully discuss, understand, or critique scholarly articles. They're ready to listen and learn, that's about it. Come with a Master's at minimum. You can join the conversation. If you want to have ANY authority bring a doctorate AND a demonstrable lack of conflicts of interest.

  3. It's beyond political farce at this point… Now the FBI openly tries to limit who can run for office, I think we can declare any pretense of justice dead on arrival in the USA..and most everywhere else too….

  4. What does checking “political” “facts” have ANYTHING to do with checking scientific facts? Ridiculous. I’ll tell you what it has to do with it….because they politicized the topic. It’s a hit job.

  5. Even the creator of Wikipedia states cannot support this anymore as so many definitions changed and huge spread of mis/disinformation to achieve satanic goals and crimes by officials…these criminals will go to jail for crimes against humanity and treason against their country and mankind …

  6. Because you aren't isolating your microphone from your table top, every time you elbow or put your arm or hand on the table, there is a THUMP in the audio for those of us with high fidelity headphones.

  7. POLITI-CRAP: politically motivated "woke", "hypocritical", "sell outs to the bullshit narrative"! The panel at POLITI-CRAP making these decisions in regards to misinformation do not look very diverse or inclusive. Its interesting how nobody on the left seems to care about that. They tailor what we see on social media, news, etc. and nobody cares that it's an all white panel. Most Americans unfortunately get their information from these platforms. When did we get stripped of the ability to make our own decisions? Is this panel appointed by Congress? Does the POLITI-CRAP narrative change with the dominant party? They are obviously bought and paid for just like most members in the swamp. The young man Ramos who was the Ulvade school shooter had numerous posts making threats of violence, over a significant period of time but Jimmy Dore gets fact checked about shit he did not even say, literally the same day. Nobody cared about Ramos posts and POLITI-CRAP certainly didn't. They are more concerned about combing through my 3 trustworthy youtube channels: Jimmy Dore, Peak Prosperity and Dark Horse. It's ironic just like Bidens "GREEN BILL" (money that is). Big payouts for big oil. I'm so sick of this charade and the fact that people seem so damn complacent.

  8. Are you kidding Chris?
    Does anybody with an IQ above room temperature actually take anything so-called fact-checkers claim seriously?
    Ironically, even bond rating services like Moody's, Standard & Poor's, and Fitch have more credibility in what they do – even after their demonstrated conflict of interest and gross incompetence leading up to the events of the crash of 2008. At least the aforementioned bond rating services weren't further compromised by blind devotion toward Marxist ideology and sympathies.

  9. Anyone who has been paying attention the last few years understands that these "fact checking" organizations have lost all their credibility, if they ever had any. Still, more of these videos need to be made so the word spreads out to those who have not been paying attention.

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