Poll: 71% Of Americans Say NO To Biden 2024 | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar evaluate the findings of a new poll that stated 71% of Americans do not want President Joe Biden to run for re-election in 2024

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Niko Lusiani:

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  1. Saagar, Carter was screwed by establishments democrats and gov groups like the cia and republicans. His last accomplishments in office were wrongly attributed to Reagan. Reagan who was in decline prior to his installment to the presidency. Hence why Carter is one of the most respected and loved- why he’s requested to perform international negotiations. Carter was the last true democratic president.

    Please stop reading the Republican alter history books….

  2. IMO, President Carter wasn't a Corporatist/Fascist Corrupt President who promoted a New World ORDER agenda instead leading the United States! When the Treasury Department releases the official records on Hunter Biden's banking history, he'll probably be impeached if he doesn't resign! Forget 2024, IMO, President Biden needs to resign!!!! JIMMY CARTER WAS NOT CORRUPT!

  3. Saagar, I am a big fan of yours and I think you are spot-on on many issues. However, I MUST push back on the Biden = Carter analogy. I was in high school when Jimmy Carter ran against Ronald Reagan. I remember how unpopular Carter was. HOWEVER, NO ONE thought that Jimmy Carter did not give a rat's ass about the people he was supposed to be serving. People thought he was WRONG. That's a totally different problem than what Biden has. People can tell that Biden doesn't care about working people. Oh, and another problem that Biden has: He's senile. Jimmy Carter never had that problem. He was highly intelligent. His mind was sharp. Biden is nothing like Jimmy Carter.

  4. I have heard it said there is a airlines pilots shortage as a problem,cause of flight cancellations. That some airline pilots refused to get the jabs and chose to retire instead. What I have not heard until today,is that many pilots who did get the jabs and are now getting sick, hospitalized, actually now are having heart problems which according to FAA regulations disqualify s these pilots from being medically fit to fly. I am certain the FAA is keeping records of this problem, getting the data ???

  5. What I will say about Biden that is good is that he is more of an "everyman" as demonstrated when he called the reporter a "stupid son of a bitch". I personally enjoyed that from Mr. Biden! If only he could have done more of stuff like that, perhaps we would be able to see past his inaction on the bread and butter issues. The thing is, in DC, that was seen as a major gaffe.

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