Poll Finds Nearly HALF Of LGBTQ Men SUPPORT Donald Trump, Landslide Incoming?

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  1. My theory is that it’s that sexy Rick Grennell. Trump really likes him and gives him a lot of responsibility, and I think he’s setting him up to run as the first gay president. 🙂

  2. The real reason the flags are coming over to our side, despite us not liking them, is because we have the best looking men.

    Think about it. If you were a stick-bundler with an ounce of self respect, which camp would you rather be in?

    The one with dysgenic soy boy coomers who think working out is evil, and who spend their days mutilating themselves with piercings and hormones?

    Or the one with the buff woodsmen hunters with big guns, and fashy gym bros who aspire to look like a Pillar-Man/SS crossover?

  3. TIM! How can you say that Trump isn’t a great ally of the gays when one of the first things he did was make it a goal to stamp out gay persecution all over the world?????

  4. 0:35 no Tim… Trump supporters are getting shot in the streets…in democrat cities…Trump's support is still there, probably strong as ever, just not dumb enough to be made an easy target…anymore…hopefully? A red hat is a target just for being red?‍♂️ Cant stop the crazy people on either side side of the aisle.

  5. Even the T doesn't belong in it. It should be LGB simply because they are based on sexual attraction. T is not a sexual attraction, it is an identity issue.

    Edit: After thinking on it for a minute…I should just be H(homosexual)B(bisexual).

  6. I don't believe white support going down. No way. Trump is everyone's President and we don't need CRT or Diversity training. We are so much smarter than libs. Landslide. Trump is neither conservative or liberal, Republican Democrat but he has changed the Republican party to more of a centrist party. I'm conservative but the Republicans in the Senate don't like his spending. Trump is like 90's democrat not as liberal.