Poll Position – A Rant

Let us discuss the problem with the polls.
Let alone polls conducted at this early juncture.

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. Democratic governors are working in conjunction with each other to lock their respective states down harder. This is a ploy to blame everything on Trump during the "plandemic." The left will stop at nothing to win back the presidency.

  2. The Democrats stole the election from Bernie Sanders for a 2nd time in a row just to put sleepy Joe Biden in there. That's what will split the Democratic vote when they see Sanders name on the ballot. Trump will win in 2020.

  3. I am pro-Biden. I will definitely do as he says and vote for him for the US Senate!

    As an aside, polls of polls found that a.) urban dwellers on the coasts are far more likely to respond to polling than rural and suburban flyover residents, b.) democrats are far more likely to respond to polls than republicans and independents, c.) younger people (including people under voting age) are more likely to respond to pollsters than anyone with a job, and d.) democrat/left-leaning voters are more likely to have "decided" on who they would vote for than others.
    I don't remember the source, but this was figured out back in 2004-05 as a response to the polls that had John Kerry winning THAT election.

  4. The amount of anti-intellectual denialism seen here is just amazing. Biden is a bad candidate, yet by every conceivable metric he's ahead: battleground states, national polling, etc. And no, it's not comparable to 2016 and if you truly think it is (and that there's a silent Trump base waiting to pounce LOL) you should ask for your degree money back, that poly sci stuff did dick for you. Live in reality, or you will gaurentee lose: normal folk don't give a fuck about Chaz. They're mad that Trump messed the COVID response up so bad that they've been inside for 6 months.

  5. All shenanigans aside, I genuinely feel bad that modern American politics has become so morally bankrupt and disdainful of the American electorate that he is cast as a viable candidate. Its genuinely disgusting.

  6. Great point about Syria and the way the left responds to Trump. When they fly off the handle immediately at his statements the public immediately recognize it as a political issue and everyone takes sides accordingly. Instead they should allow things to play out and do their posturing later when they have more to go on.

  7. Good god imagine if he wins. Then someone like Susan rice will be running the White House. They are gonna backdoor a nut to be the next president. No way Biden is gonna have a quarter of his marbles come January.

  8. Most of these polls over sample Democrats by at least 12 percent! So if you poll more Democrats you will ALWAYS get a favorable poll for Democrats!

  9. Try not to laugh but apparently if Joe becomes president then apparently there's meant to be a purge of corruption in the Trump administration. That's right! Joe "Where the hell am I?" Biden who had ties into corrupt business in the Ukraine is going after "corruption".

  10. Well, if prostering Biden is considered "elderly abuse" than I'd say it's karma for all the countless lives he himself (and by extension his allowance) ruined.

  11. Staffer: Sir China has began moving to war, should we use the nuclear football.

    Biden: I play football, let me see that.
    throws nuclear football

    My Biden expectation, let’s hope Biden never touches the Presidency.

  12. …I thought this was a rant on the 1982 Arcade classic, so I'm kinda disappointed.

    With that out of the way, I used to not trust the polls, then Romney lost. Trump is absolutely in this race, I'm not all doom and gloom, but especially now that Dictator-in-waiting Kamala is on the ticket, a loss is so devastating I'd like to see him polling within 3-5. I mean, ideally he'd be ahead, but I ain't greedy and yeah plenty of pollsters have their finger on the polls. But all of them? I would think they want the data as much as anyone.

  13. Watch the china uncensored video about china making more nukes. They go into china siding with biden and they also coincidentally shipped 20k fake ids to the US in an election year. Pure coincidence. That cant be connected at all

  14. Hey, great video. I've watched some of your Metal/Music Mythos videos, and enjoyed that, never would have guessed you had great political content until I poled around the channel tonight. I guess your appreciation for Johnny Ramone's "most punk rock of moments" at the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame might have been a clue.

  15. From a strictly tactical perspective, I've said for a long time now that if the Left TRULY wants to defeat Trump the best way is to utterly IGNORE HIM….Trump is the type of guy who THRIVES off conflict. He's a born fighter and always has been. The more you attack him the stronger he becomes. Additionally he will ALWAYS be more willing to hit lower beneath the belt than ANYONE ELSE is comfortable doing. The only way to defeat such an opponent is to not fight him at all…you have to let him embarrass himself….but the Left just never learns. The Left is consumed by a rebellious impulse that seeks to utterly destroy ANYTHING it cannot control. This rebellious impulse always hungers for battle even when it is wise to keep quiet and stay in the basement.

  16. Does anyone remember Pole position the cartoon from the 80’s with talking cars? I absolutely loved that show! I’ve seen more capable presidential candidates in the streets that Joe Biden! He’s obviously got early onset of dementia! How can the Democrats and the media just completely ignore this! Their evil is on full display!

  17. RazörFist is a gift that the odds say seldom randomly occurs simply because of all the complex chemical reactions involved that need to precisely converge in the right environment and the right order.
    This rant is other worldly in it's degree of difficulty yet close to a perfect presentation. It's almost like creation knew these days and times would be a complete mess and conjured up RazörFist to help conservative people through hard times.

  18. Huge Razor fan; awesome Brian Pillman reference (huge underrated talker BTW, checkout his return "shoot" in ECW in 96). I think that arcade machine he has is HOME made. Maybe not from Arcade1up; maybe from Barcade?? This guy is so smart, he prolly chopped the wood, pieced it, added the ROMS, and all that himself. Cool shades.

  19. The idea that trying to exploit an issue for political gain actually nullifies potential gains by splitting opinion along party lines is really interesting.

    You could propose plausible mechanisms that cause this effect. I do think some glimmers of base reality shine through though. Polls which look at party demographics on specific issues commonly show a lean away from genuinely bad ideas, despite confounding influences.

    This would be one hell of an idea to get into the political zeitgeist though. Imagine propagandists being cannibalized by their followers for making an issue political. What a better world we would live in if people believed the best way to support their cause was honest and charitable dissemination of the news.

  20. I love that Razor used "Hot Line" from the vastly under appreciated, early '80s Sabbath album "Born Again" during the credits. That record is the thing that should not be but there are a few great tunes on it. Ian Gillam and Sabbath?!?

  21. I've worked in the same manufacturing company for 30 years. Since 91. I seen my company which is small go from 2010-2015 from 125 employee to 12. I was the longest term employee still there. I was told I might wanna start looking for a new job. Then Trump won. Not only am I still there, were doing really well. He makes mistakes no doubt but he'll Never lose my support. Trump 2020!!

  22. Just remember who it is that is running around saying "it's all over for Trump." It's the same people that had Hillary up by 95%.