Poll: VAST Majority of Working Class Supports Strikes | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar respond to polling data from More Perfect Union demonstrating the support striking workers and labor unions have gained from the general public especially the working class

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More Perfect Union:

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  1. Why are Dems such wimps. Why arnt they screaming bout the Virginia election being stolen? Why do we let a criminal like Manchin hold up much needed legislation? Oh thats right we think we are the adults in the room. Bit arrogent ehhh? My brothers in our union overwhelming support Trump. I chalk that up to being in rural America and a lack of understanding of the world. You should hear the walling and knashing of teeth bout the vacine mandate. While one of our own, big time antivaxer, has been home on oxygen fer a copula months and the outlook is well you know. Im old. Child of the fiftys, your word is sacred, a handshake is a contract, all the good things that made America great. Im afraid thats gone now

  2. I am curious is breaking points unionized. When they created breaking points is that how they setup their business structure? If they support it I think it would be a good show of faith if their business is not unizoned.

  3. There is another reason to support repeal of SALT tax. It was designed and it’s effects were to punish wealthy “ blue states”. The states that already pay more per capita to the feds .

  4. Striking is good, but it's also an opportunity for the people to realize and see that it is the working class that generates the wealth of a country.

    *Organize, Unionize and Socialize. Get the Economy to work for the 99% and not just soley for the 1%.

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