POLL: Voters Question Biden’s Mental, Physical Fitness | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar cover polling data that shows Americans have been raising serious questions about the physical and mental fitness of Biden to serve as President

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  1. Those excerpts demonstrating his 'decline' were pretty petty. Forgetting the name of a port: it happens. Dozing while listening to a dull speech: I've done it a hundred times.
    I'm not a fan, and I'm convinced he's too old for that job, but those clips were just small and mean-spirited.

  2. you are the exact people that society doesnt want spying on them in their homes. you are the people they want locked behind bars and removed from society altogether. your sales campaign offered a better service than you are capable of providing. you are the bums and throw away and most violent criminals on earth. you are the weakest ethics inb the spectrum. you are depleting the need for your entire industry. you cant be fed food if you do that job. its not a job its only a waste of everyonesw lives. its not worth keeping you alive if thats all your worth.

  3. It is utterly astounding to me that 1 year into the Biden administration, the left is just now beginning to see all the problems with Biden that EVERYBODY else could see all the way back in the the Dem primaries! But hey “vote blue no matter who” is, I’m sure, a sound way to choose a competent leader.

  4. "Voters Question Biden's Mental, Physical Fitness"

    I mean…this could have been running as a banner since 2019 and would be accurate lol. I didn't vote for Biden for that reason (among so many others): he's not mentally fit to be president. True 2 years ago, true today, and likely even more true in 2024. I consider it elder abuse to pretend he's in control of the White House.

  5. Someone needs to take the sharp fork out of Pa Pa Bides hand, and give him a 1000 piece puzzle to work on, let him have the remote, put him in his favorite chair back in Delaware, PJs and those old man slippers.

  6. Two fumbled speeches and closed eyes are your evidence he is unfit. trump fumbled far more than that. This is judging his fitness from polls.

    The woman in front of Biden in your clip looked even more asleep. People don’t typically sleep bolt upright, nor are they aware when people come up to them, as his aide did.

    Maybe you should contrast these clips with others to give a more fair view. We might go have eyes, but when you selectively pick videos, you’re pulling the wool over them.

  7. Saagar saying in total certainty "voters aren't stupid" and krystal just full on agreeing is so ridiculous to me lmao. Of course the voeters are fucking stupid, people by and large are complete fucking morons. Not all voters are stupid, but holy shit, Trump was just our president, just look at the fucking people that get elected. Voters are definitely stupid.

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