Polls: Biden Hits NEW LOW, Public DEMANDS Inflation Action | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar analyze the most up to date polling numbers for Biden now that the war in Ukraine has led to dramatic economic consequences and more inflation for the American people

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Tobias Deml:

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  1. at the beginning he was actually doing stuff? wtf delusional reality do you live in? he had a high approval rating because number 1 half the country was glad to be rid of orange man, and 2 the media protected, padded and deflected any negative press they could. that is not even remotely close to "he was doing stuff and getting things done early on." talk about being a delusional 2 party sheep clown.

  2. If NBC paid for the poll, you can bet the approval rating was even lower than 40%. The results of any survey depend on the way in which the question is phrased, the demographic polled, the timing of the poll, and even the personality of those who are conducting the poll. No doubt the very liberal NBC structured the polling method to elicit the most favorable response.

    My guess is that this poll was conducted in a largely urban area. Outside of our major cities, the approval rating would be far less than 40%. In my own area, it would be closer to 25% — and you would be hard pressed to imagine who that 25% might be. Those who approve Biden's performance in office today would probably approve of Attila the Hun or P. T. Barnum. But one must never under-estimate the gullibility of the American public.

  3. Boomers stuck on loop and going for a redo with Russia. The Cold War didn't end because of a military victory. Iraq and Afghanistan started with military victory and ended in defeat. Musk is correct when he says America is ruled by a gerontocracy. People don't change their minds. They die and leave space for the right ideas.

  4. His approval rating was high because he was doing things… billions in checks were going out… billions in unpaid rent burden was being transferred to property owners… billions were paid to big pharma for their vaccines… basically, all the things that contributed to the money printing and, hence, inflation.

  5. Biden has shown a total inability to confront inflation. Threaten to break up oil monopolies if they don't utilize oil leases! Investigate meat packers through the Packers and Stockyards Act! Forgive 10k student loans like he promised to give some cushion Americans struggling to pay back their loans. Yet we struggle while he does NOTHING

  6. Could Krystal carry anymore water for Biden and the Dems. JFC what a 💩 show. The country is in a tailspin and she’s propping up these failed leaders as the good guys. We currently have a Fuqn carrot for a president and she still wants to shit on Republicans. Krystal needs to go back to MSNBC where she came from. There is zero objectivity from her. None!!

  7. Sure, inflation is out of control, our foreign policy is a damn mess, the border is wide open, crime is getting worse by the day ….. but at least we are not getting any mean tweets folks!

  8. I'm not only fed up with the mainstream media, I'm fed up with the mainstream government (That was not a right or left statement). Both sides are guilty of decimating the middle class and provoking this war. Not to mention they all are in the pockets of the corporations lobbies.

  9. The economy was better and inflation was under control under Republicans just a few short years ago. Despite the Left's COVID hysteria and lockdowns trying to destroy it. What does she even mean Republicans don't have economic plans to deal with this stuff? We have real-world experience and data to show they have. We just lived it!

    I get Krystals ideological bent but how is this whitewashing of all things Democrat any damn different than CNN or any other MSM show that she purports herself to NOT be like? Let's be clear, these things aren't just happening under Biden. They are happening BECAUSE of Joe Biden. He's not suffering through a crisis like some innocent observer. He made them!

  10. Student loans allegedly resume in May, so that's another factor to throw in. If he lets them resume, that's additional money that will hit folks income. I have a feeling he'll kick the can down the road again though because there's no way he's that stupid, right?

  11. This new billionaire tax that Biden is proposing. Sounds great right? This is what always happens… 1) The rich will hide their money (overseas or domestically). 2) US corporations will move overseas to avoid higher tax rates. 3) Tax revenues will actually go DOWN! 4) The middle class will be stuck footing the bill. It has happened time and time again in US history. Thomas Sowell has a short book on this called "Trickle Down Theory and Tax the Rich."

  12. The only thing left to do is to get some property and abandon the let's go Brandon corporate class! They have no authority over you if they do nothing to help the working class! You keep arguing over the lack of effectiveness of the dum and dummer two party system, it's time to walk away and start your own America.

  13. I love it how Krystal only fixates on corporate profiteering, but offers no discussion on the other side. She just brushes off the idea that the amount of government spending may (probably) is a big factor in inflation. Economics 101, one of the biggest causes of inflation is government spending and fiscal policy. Maybe just maybe we should be looking at the expense side of the WH budget instead of trying to find more ways to steal money from all American's. America has a SPENDING PROBLEM!

  14. I'm not a Biden guy, but you can't blame him for all inflation. The trillions we've pumped into the economy since 2009 is catching up with us. But I don't like a pass the buck president. Own what you own, Joe.

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