POLLS: Dems Predict Biden Will LOSE In 2024 | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar cover some shocking polling ahead of the 2024 Democratic primary that shows Democrats in disarray and how bitter the partisan divides are in America

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  1. Nobody wanted Biden in 2020 either. Bernie Sanders would've run away with the nomination if Obama had just gone away like he was supposed to. Of course, it didn't help that Bernie still sold out to the people who screwed him outta the presidency twice (he really should've left the Democratic party after 2016 when they screwed him then lost to a reality TV hack on top). Mike Bloomberg's money is the only reason Biden even got the nomination not because anybody voted for Jim Crow 2.0, which Biden is and Bloomberg himself is a racist too. So, when Democrats try to claim they're rejecting racism, they're actually enabling it even more than the GOP; they sold their party to a racist Republican billionaire (Bloomberg) in order to elect a racist Republican sexual predator with dementia president (Biden).

  2. DAMN IT, this is why Bernie should have been the nominee! This is what happens when you elect a milk toast, stand-for-nothing politician just because the dumb ass MSM says he is 'electable' WTF that means…

  3. As the years go by the US is becoming more politically polarized and increasingly violent toward those who oppose them, their candidates and their political views.
    I don't see this ending well unless things start to turn around really quickly.
    There is nothing wrong with having different views to other people but when you want to hurt those others over those views it becomes extremely dangerous.

  4. Not going that way, but you speak about what you want. The GOP will take the House and Senate in 2022 because of the actions, and lack of this administration. The first order of business will be Kevin McCarthy becoming Speaker and Majority in the House. Second order of business will be to impeach Pres and Heals up and throw them the f*** out. Then, Kevin McCarthy becomes the acting POTUS until the 2024 elections. You can BANK ON IT.

  5. So, you said yourself, that the culture war is an obnoxious distraction. I agree. So why are we fighting this endless and unwinnable culture/civil war? How do we withdraw from this conflict and focus on the class war?

  6. They deserve to.

    People are sick of there authoritarian neoliberal woke agenda.

    It's tragic because they are blackening the name of genuine left wing economic justice policies.

    The right are now going to say that California and other blue states are hell holes because of leftist policies.

    When it's neoliberalism mixed with woke culture poison that's to blame.

    The political sweet spot is mildly socially conservative with FDR economic justice pro working men policies that are best.

    I think the biggest factor in the Biden Harris administration losing millions of people is the aggressive woke culture crap that there aggressively shoving down the throats of regular suburban voters.

    It's so annoying that the government is prioritizing woke gender policies at a time of massive economic inequality.

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