Polls Show GOP To CRUSH Democrats Earning Supermajority In Congress, The Future WILL Be Conservative

Polls Show GOP To CRUSH Democrats Earning Supermajority In Congress, The Future WILL Be Conservative. Data shows GOP will hold 60 or 61 seats in 2024 as the US turns Republican.

The suggestion is that its all about maps. GOP is favored due to current mapping. But the reality is that a low birthrate combined with failing policies has this country beginning to favor the GOP and Republican politicians.

Democrats have for 6 years become the party of the wealthy elites and the establishment and while the GOP still has its share of NeoCons it is slowly becoming a more populist America First party

Biden is in for bad news come 2022 midterms and 2024 where Trump may win a second term.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. The Democrats and establishment Republicans are the biggest disaster in American history they jumped off the cliff with a ball and chain around every American.

  2. That’s what I said to my mom!! I said she treats it like a cult. It’s the way she doesn’t listen, it’s the way she acts like her said is holyier than thou. She even said Souis Falls SD was so awesome cuz it was run by progressives the left I said actually it’s republican but okay. I said mom I live in a blue state (CA) it sucks.

  3. I'm either ultra conservative or libertarian conservative depending on who you talk to, and I like Jimmy Dore. The few times I've watched his show I find myself agreeing with something and disagreeing with other but I appreciate his approach

  4. Tim forgets one thing: the liberals have racism and the pandemic on their side. When they oil up the brainwash machine there's no telling how many fools will suck it up once again. and let's not forget about Donald Trumps Insurrection.

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