Pompeo: ‘No Apologies’ For Alleged Plan To Kill Assange

Former Secretary of State and CIA Director Mike Pompeo has responded to a recent Yahoo News investigation detailing Trump Administration plans to kidnap or kill Wikileaks founder Julian Assange that he makes “no apologies” for whatever measure his agency planned to take to safeguard “sensitive information.” Also today: new public opinion data carries some bad news for President Biden.


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  1. Pompeo should be Charged as he is a Danger to the National Security of US as he is a Danger to the former President Trump trying to over Shadow Trump in all ways. Press. Trump is the Commander in Chief not him. He is a VERY DANGEROUS NATIONAL SECURITY to the Nation.

  2. Democrats are the ones who want people to die from starvation, homelessness and loss of family by not being allowed to work, "…buy or sell, save he that had the mark,,,," (Revelation 13:17) of their vaccine.

  3. Dr, Paul, let me remind you of Pompeo, the scum bag with no humanity or integrity once described demons like himself as such "WE CHEAT, WE LIE, AND WE DECEIVE".

  4. This type reporting is what Journalist use to report. Now what we have become is clear. Not the America I grew up to believe. Who knows maybe it was not as pervasive, like paedophiles are. Real virus overload. Which odd enough majority of those raised up n 50, 60' s were sexually abused. Look where we r now..

  5. This government on both sides has waged war long a go on us. Why support them? Maybe a couple of people like the Ron Paul’s of the world an exception . They need to be replaced . They are occupied .

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