Pope Francis Says NATO Instigated War By ‘Barking At Putin’s Door,’ Labeled CONSPIRACY THEORIST

Briahna Joy Gray, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave weigh in on Pope Francis appearing to partially blame NATO for the war in Ukraine.

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  1. Good show guys.Keep it up. I survived Vietnam so don't take your foot off the gas pedal. Your old enough to make a stand. Corporate media is pissing up stream and their followers are drinking down stream.

  2. Really, is it the fault of Putin ? If the east of Ukraine had not been shelled for years, and is NATO had not pushed to the east, he would not have done anything.

  3. The pope has stood up for peace and told the truth, he doesn’t want to see America use the Ukraine people as puppets of America and get slaughtered like the people of the Middle East , America has to stop interfering and slaughtering innocent people all over the world any country that can drop atomic bombs on Two cities in Japan killing innocent women and children must be a nation run by the devil and the pope knows that

  4. If Pope Francisc brings peace with his words, I salute him, cordial. What’s this has to do with religious beliefs Kim? I feel sorry for you Kim, that in order to have distance from Pope Francisc point of view you had to mock Christian belief. You have no excuse!! Has to do with peace and saving lifes. It is Said: “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God”. So, I salute Pope Francisc, Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs, I salute PM Modi from India and all those that do not put gas on fire (or firearms in a conflict, making money out of it, what’s worse than that?)

  5. The US liked Popes only when they could use them JP2 ..fueling polish (religious)nationalism to weaken the soviet union. Or to funnel money and information through the opus dei.
    The US hates the theology of liberation that many catholic priests preached in central and south america ..because they were "too close to the people" and not enough to their puppet dictators .

  6. The radical ideologues really got this one wrong. Its like, they also attacked Patriarch Kirill for revealing the US gov'ts pressuring Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I into politicising a schism in the Orthodoxy which he has proof of. Among Christian fundamentalists in the US and South America Patriarch Kirill has a huge following. Over 180 million US citizens are Christians.

    No doubt by now the Orthodoxy has learnt of the Ukrainian gov't shelling churches along with allegations that some were full of people taking refuge in them; and Pope Francis likely wants to confirm that and discuss the matter with Pres. Putin and Patriarch Kirill.

    Bidens ideologues labouring under the assumption "religion is dead" are gonna get a serious wake up call. In the modern world, religion is a personal choice and whether you go to church or not is on you. Then you take into account that the rule of law oversee's a seperation between the church and state; and the hypocrisy of meddling in religious affairs. I dunno man.. talk about playing with fire.

  7. Pope Francis is doing the right thing because where's the common sense of truth and morality without fathoming and disclosing cause and effect for events like the war in Ukraine? Ukrainians are right to defend themselves and survive like every other human being in the world, but the lack of accountability and transparency on what made Putin send his troops to storm the country now is not okay. It explains why people want capitalism overthrown because it only favors the few and undermines the many like autocracies. This is going to take a decade or two before Americans can take back power from the government and the private sector knowing that all these years of most citizens drowning in propaganda since the Cold War has enabled the elites to be more than one step ahead of us.

  8. Oh lord Kim. I'm praying for you. But I'm sure you will get some level of forgiveness for reporting this important story that MSM is ignoring. For the record, I forgive you and pray for your forgiveness. 🤪

  9. now everybody against the narrative is a conspiracy theorist 😂😂😂 mainstream media and ministry of thruth says its misinformation 🤣🤣🤣

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