Pope Moves all Church Funds to Vatican Bank (Sign of Larger Financial Markets?)

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Written by Zoon Politikon

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  1. Ok, so it's "big" in terms of the usual Church intrigue and possibly the withdrawal of liquidity from world financial markets, but I don't catch if you speculated as to the big WHY being this?

    Is it a signal of impending financial collapse and/or widespread political upheaval, or are we supposed to just assume it's to avoid more judicial claims?

  2. The Catholic church has been selling off their real estate to help pay for the lawsuit from sexual deviance. But an organization that has the ability. To centralize all their assets and transactions doing that would be prudent.

  3. Interesting story Holly. Webster Tarpley! That's a name I haven't heard in a long time! Tarpley's work on the history of our Russian allies is a facet that adds to the mysterious City of London grip of our world economy, current events in Ukraine, and the Vatican Bank. Folks might want to check out Tarpley's "British Financial Warfare: 1929; 1931-33; How The City Of London Created The Great Depression" and "U.S. Civil War: The US-Russian Alliance that Saved the Union". Have an awesome day Holly! Please don't forget about us on Locals.

  4. Thanks for bringing this to light! Does this mean that the pope can make more decisions w the money? Who decides what to do w the money now? I love that they call it the Holy Sea – the Banks of the Sea, Banks of the river. Also Holy C like Holy 3 – Holy Trinity! 🕊 love u Holly! 💖💞🤗

  5. There getting ready to bring out the beast system using crypto. We are headed to a cashless society which will lead to more central control. There just consolidating. They have been doing this for century’s, Vatican means divine serpent

  6. Sounds like the markets are about to crash and they also don’t want to be blamed because the banking system is going to lose a large amount of money and they need funds to cover their debts because banks are leveraged 10-30x and they are reducing their leverage and paying off debt before the crash and they are going to buy everything back at a discount later on also they need money to short the markets

  7. The Vatican has probably assessed the near-term future of the world economy and decided there are no good options out there. It's the old "clam strategy," meaning that at the first sign of danger you pull in all your soft parts and slam your shell shut. The Church has taken massive losses during past times of social turmoil. During the French Revolution all Church property was confiscated and used for the common good — churches were turned into hospitals, proceeds from vineyards were used to finance orphanages, etc. At the time the Church was by far the largest landowner in the country.

  8. What it it that does the Pope and Vatican bank know that the rest of us are not suppose to know? Does it KNOW that BANK CRASHES are COMING SOON so it wants to get its money out before the crash hits? The Vatican bank is not a real bank, it’s called a bank but it’s the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR) it is technically a financial institute not a bank. So why does the Vatican want to get all of its CASH out of banks around the world and into the Vatican’s VAULT before October 1? Do they know that the SHTF IS ABOUT TO HIT?

  9. Dr. Taylor Marshall a Traditional Catholic covers a the corruption in his book Infiltration. He has a YouTube channel. look up Dr. Taylor Marshall. May God Bless you too. 🙏

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