Pope says we are ‘experiencing the outbreak of World War Three’

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  1. Most of the wealth of the Catholic Church is in land and buildings, which are very easy for governments to seize. It's not even the richest religion, it's beaten by the LDS. And its income is surprisingly low, and dropping. Both the Roman and the Mormon outfits are dwarfed, cast into absolute shade, by Amazon. By global standards, the amount of funds transferred won't actually be all that great. But it is a sign of them hunkering down.

  2. 3:12 : It's not the wealth of the Catholic Church as a whole, it's the funds of the entities based at the Vatican. The Vatican economy minister, Father Juan Antonio Guerrero, said in 2019 that it's total value was 4 billion euro. That is peanuts. It's less than 10% of the Twitter deal, and a mere fart for people like Elon Musk or Bill Gates, whose personal fortunes are in the hundreds of billions. The Catholic Church is not nearly as wealthy as most people think. The yearly profits of the Vatican Bank are a pathetic fraction of those of the big banks (in 2021, it made 19 million profit. As a comparison, the Chase Bank alone made a profit of 10.4 BILLION in the same year).

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  4. Actual cause for concern for WW3? – Moskva, hundreds of tanks & billions of roubles of equipment & maybe 10's of thousands of dead Russians…. Oooh yeahh. 'NATO' want to push it riiight to the 11th hour – the same 'NATO' as Curveball, yellowcake, Dodgy Dossier, mobile anthrax labs & WMD, & who have mind control.

  5. WW2 is still going and russia and communism is winning. USA has been infested with marxists. what we can hope now is the kids growing up will despise that shit and in roughly 20 years they will take back control and ridicule progressives and SJWs

  6. If you held hold from the start of The Great Depression until the end, you lost value. Obviously, at some point nylons and steel bolts became infinitely more valuable than gold and if you moved your material resources from gold into steel, you would have become a spooky oligarch due to some much success and influence.

    It's simply a commodity and a weak placeholder for value when compared to more stable foreign currencies like Yen or CHF or land (more generally). Gold also has the added pain of actual taxes in a regular economy, the practical aspects of bartering, even with a precious metals brokerage you're essentially using a cash/atm card to extract value. Know what's also funny about gold?
    The British Empire put The Commonwealth on The Gold Standard. Wanna know why? It's an inferior economic system and using it to compete in a modern context is like using sticks in a space battle.
    As in, the colonies would never truly be able to pay off their debts with a gold standard system. It was rigged for them to fail and stay indebted to papa

  7. It’s less about the people in power than the friends they have, the families they have and the institutions they represent. Who they actually are is irrelevant, as they represent an order of ideals and beliefs. A system or structure which maintains finances and or ideological beliefs in some manner or form, so very much what you say, do and believe matter very much. Furthermore, when what you say happens to be repeated in lockstep by every major institution leader, I believe it’s only natural to question their motivations.

  8. WWIII has been starting since 1998 if to believe one of the variants of translations of Nostradamus predictions. 😮 I always want proof first, before I buy any such doomsayers, because I had to survive at least 5 if not more doomsday dates, while I went to school. Also the pope has no authority, after he went woke. He should be the pillar of tradition, not play favourites with progressive tendencies.

  9. Land sounds like a nice investment until you realise you don't actually own land, you're just renting from the government. They can seize it whenever there's an "emergency ".
    They'll take the land of average Joe before even looking at Bill Gates' fence

  10. Stop teasing us either it’s gonna happen or it’s not. Its like hearing that a loved ones going to die in the near future and just they keep extending how many months it’s gonna so you wait and are scared for the day to come but then the doctors like na mate couple more months. Like you’re happy but it’s happened over a hundred times and you’re just tired of the doctor at this point fear-mongering and causing stress to you and the loved one since the you don’t actually know if the doctors incompetent or he’s just fucking with you. I honestly hate the fear-mongering from these people it gets annoying.

  11. I'm not religious but I keep thinking of St Malachy, who said there would be 112 popes before the Last Judgment Day, he named all the popes by their christian chosen name or where they're from, guess what number our pope is, of course he's the 112th.

  12. Well, I declare the Pope is an Argentinian Socialist who has become senile. How about that? World War 3? Where are the Giant Death Robots? Genetically Engineered Nuclear Gandhi? The XCOM Initiative fighting the Illuminati and New World Order? Heresy I say! Heresy.

  13. Gold, gold, yes, but you have to actually have the gold, and hide it from the government. Because two things are worthless. A note saying a bank owns you gold. That will be worthless when shit hits the fan: the banks will laugh at your paper promises. And gold, that you own yourself, that the government knows about. Because guess what any government does when shit hits the fan. Thats right. Confiscate the gold, and heavily persecute anyone who is hiding stashes of it.

  14. It looks like the end was cut off?!?
    I would like to hear the end 😧!…., because Romanians live everywhere now…😃 and I would like to hear what a Romanian from home is thinking about 😐😉…till the🔚!

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