Popular New App Matches Up Sane Customers And Non-Woke Businesses In Their Area

Guest: Michael Seifert
@realmichaelseif (Twitter)

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  1. I just left a review for a local deli that was super mask crazy during covid saying, "this business would not quality to be on the Public Square App. For those who care now you know."

    It's a start!

  2. Apparently, the app store is saying this app is not compatible with a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7. No idea why, since it's just a text based app to connect people. I hate people who lock their apps behind phone models. You force more e-waste by making me toss out a perfectly good phone. Old phone or not, it's not THAT old and it would be perfectly capable of running this app.

  3. This sounds great and I don't doubt the sincere motivation for the team behind it.

    But this will serve as a registration form to get you on a government watch list.

  4. "Woke businesses" are not a "sanity" issue. They're capitalizing on surface level inclusion. Wokeness in general is just a platitude-and-cliche distraction technique in hopes people will think the systemic issues that affect POC, like police brutality and profiling, won't be noticed anymore because they're never going to actually do any reforms in these areas. It's really just an insult to the intelligence of POC if anything else.

  5. I checked out the app, but I’ve gotta say, it’s absolute trash. I live in north east Florida and the closest coffee shop it could recommend was in central west coast Florida. But that was only after I scrolled down passed a few “sponsored listings” from California.

    Cool concept. Nowhere near ready to be launched

  6. Can we get an app that does something similar for movies? Kinda tired of wasting time going through movies/series only to have the turn into something I would rather not watch.

  7. With the state of the country and the whole world, it's not at all hyperbole to say that this is life changing. Bravo to the developers! I'll be using this app immediately and will be looking forward to the new features that were discussed.

  8. Thanks for this interview Tim. Michael is right. Local is where we need to start. I'm sure you're aware of Steve Bannon's similar take in the political sphere. This is an action we can ALL take

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