Portland Antifa organizes children’s summer camp

On July 20, 2022, Andy Ngo was interviewed on News Nation by Leland Vittert about a children’s summer camp organized by a shadowy Antifa collective named the Black Rose. The “Budding Roses” indoctrination camps started in 2017 and the curriculum brainwashes children into far-left militancy. It also seeks to connect children with an adult pen pal buddy in prison.

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Written by Andy Ngo


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  1. When the Taliban was doing the same things all of America talked about how discussing it is to indoctrinate children. When we discussed the Nazis in school the conversation always ended up coming to how is it possible that people would teach their kids these beliefs? How can kids grow up and have such radical lifestyles? This is been done throughout history and it never ends well. Once you start sending children to political camps with plans to radicalize them there is only one outcome.

  2. Antifa needs to teach the kids how to make false allegations, hate police, assault people when they are not looking, drown kittens, hate irrationally, and generally behave like the the most cowardly back-kickers god ever put upon this Earth!
    This kind of scum-baggery does not happen naturally for most people, so they must train the youth to be the least that they can be!

  3. This is indoctrination to ensure that there will be future antifa members and is no different than the Hitlerjugend programs in Germany to prepare the youth for battle .

  4. If I say what I really want to say, then I will probably end up in You Tube prison because you can count on it not being very nice or politically correct at all. But I will say this to Antofu( I call them that because they are soft like bean curd )go piss in the wind.

  5. the mayor/chief of police TED WHEELER, the District Attorney Mike Schmidt and city council woman Jo Ann Hardesty are all proponents of anitifascist, pedophiles, murderers, suicide by drugs, riots and the overall decay of the well being of the people of Portland

  6. "do you have children you shouldn't remotely be trusted with? Well bring em on down. Will turn little Timmy into a rioter after we pump his little soft matter full of intersectional nonsense."

    Hide yo fuggin kids. This is some hardcore brainwashing / MK shit.

  7. “Social justice,” will be among the most discredited activism along with other brands of leftist ideological Marxism like Maoism and naziism. All future generations will be able to spot other tactical forms of this subversion. It’s done too much damage to ignore anymore.

  8. Putin has declared that when a nuclear happens he wont strike Portland because it would be a waste of a nuke seeing as they are all fucked there anyway.

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