Portland Antifa Shoot a Trump Supporter in the Street

Without hyperbole, it seems that #Portland #Antifa rioters identified a #Trump supporter and shot him dead without warning. Please be sensible.

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  1. I hope Nancy, AOC, Ilhan Omar & All the “Squad” dirty radical Left CongressCunts go to jail! AOC-won’t pay back taxes or DNC dues.
    ILhan Omar-Illegally Married her brother to get Citizen ship, then married someone else, cheated on him with her campaign manager lawyer, who she transferred over $150k to while having an affair with and is divorcing her husband now and paying more to her married Mistress!??!? I can go on and on….They’re anti-Patriots and trying to turn our Beautiful country Communist❌ yet you won’t see it on most MSM

  2. Ted wheeler, Cuomo, Diblasio, AOC, Maxine Waters, Ilhan Omar, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, and basically All Dems=
    Un-Constitutional?✅ if they can’t control a City or State, would you trust them with the Country..!?!?

  3. Also apparently the person killed by the cops in Kenosha the woman that he'd sexuslly assaulted was his ex and mother of his child and she had a restraining order against him because he'd assaulted her before. So the cops were attempting to arrest him for breaching the restraining order, and resisting arrest, and apparently he was on something like PCP as the taser had zero effect on him, and when he was seen by two cops reaching for that large bowie style knife resulted in their countering the real threat posed by this person I won't call him a man as a real man wouldn't have acted like he did towards his ex girlfriend, or commonlaw wife to the point that she had to have a restraining order against him.
    As for the shooting in Portland I've reviewed the video extensively the antifa terrorist shot the Patriot who was unarmed and posed no threat the terrorist shot him in the back like the coward that the terrorist is. Also he claimed him that he was acting in self defense from an unarmed patriot who wasn't even facing him, the liar and coward deserved what he got from the cops being shot in fire fight.

  4. You can tell Cortez gets sexually turned on causing chaos. All politicians do. But its just really obvious on her face. Shes satanic. Listen and read her transcripts.

  5. I lived in Los Angeles when a lot of people ran here from El Salvador. There were many children who came here with other people because their parents had died.

  6. I'm kinda curious what WOULD happen if Biden wins. The society the left wants is anarchistic. No police?
    Biden will not be able to meet their "demands". There WILL be incidents with police and black people. Who will they blame then?

  7. The enemies to you are anyone who want to tell you what to do even if you hurt no one. Government and antifa are one in the same to me. Both use violence to achieve their aims. Get the youth to participate in nonsense early. IN postmodern world, bad is good, good is bad, up is down, every action justified. When you blame others for your feelings, you are NOT being responsible. When you blame others for your actions, you are NOT being responsible. This is a select few.

  8. I thought President Trump sent the Army National Guard to stop these commies!!! And when he did. Every one called him a bitch and said he could not do that on these so called American civs.

  9. Wheeler should do the tax payers a big favor and put a bullet to his brain…But he won't. This showed the public how far left this mayor actually was he was in sheep's clothing waiting for his big moment. But it well be his demise.Maybe prison.

  10. — Trump and Biden both have the same qualities – Braindead Stupidity and 50 years of Crime and Corruption —

    .. #NeverTrump #NeverBiden ..

    As the next President of the United States, and the only Candidate for President who is not a Corrupt, Criminal sellout to Foreign Enemy Influence and Washington's Rich, Political Elite, anti-Conservative, anti-Communist, anti-Partisan Future #President #BradHartliep will order the #FBI, #CIA, #SecretService and #DeptOfDefense to detain and arrest, without bail, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Jr., and Jared Kushner for Treason against the United States of America and for Multiple, Decades-long, Partisan-manipulated Felonious Crimes against the Blue-Collar, Working-Class and Middle-Class Citizens of America ..

    Antifa, the KKK, the Skinheads, Adolf Hitler paraphernalia, the Neo-Nazis, Trump paraphernalia, BLM and any group or loose association identified by a common symbol or title or image involved in any of the violence or unAmerican abusive, violently-toned, "campaign" rhetoric over the last 4 years – including showing up to protest sites in any form of battle gear, or quasi- "joke" battle gear – including paintball gear and plastic armor – will be outlawed .. the Right of any United States Citizen to PEACEFULLY PROTEST will be fully protected, according to the Laws of the United States Constitution and the Duties of the Office of United States President ..

    Any Politician who incites violence, or speaks with violent rhetoric, or stands in support of the extremist ideology of one group over the extremist ideology of another will be removed from Congress and from the White House, until they are replaced by a vote of their constituents .. Violence and Civil War, and Abuse of Power by Presidents and Politicians, will not be tolerated — The Rights and Freedoms and Responsibilities of ALL CITIZENS – including the President – and all Visitors to our Nation – inherent within our Constitution and Declaration of Independence will be Protected — and no one, including the President, will ever again rise to the level of Dictator or Tyrant over the American People – and I don't care what UnAmerican, Anti-Constitutional, Political Party they belong to ..

    Vote #BradHartliep #President, protecting and defending our Constitution and our Blue-Collar Middle and Working Class for 40 years .. #LaunchAmericaForward ..

  11. CNN journalist: Should we call them peaceful protests?
    What about the entire city on fire in the back ground?
    Or the people attacked and killed?
    CNN: Fiery but mostly peaceful protest.

  12. This is a living history. Lefty politicians, appease the left mob, and the mob turns on them. They want to kill everyone on the streets, cops, people wearing hats, people not wearing the right mask, people not being black enough, people being too black, people being white. When you realize how the left killed 100,000,000+ people when ever it came to power.