Portland DA Drops HUNDREDS Of Antifa Riot Charges While NYC Targets Jewish People

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  1. Portland’s DA and Chicago’s DA are both anarchists in disguise. How they got their positions is beyond me. They keep dropping charges and one day when the riots hit their homes they’ll realize the mistakes they’ve made.

  2. de Blasio & Gov. Cuomo, support modern day "Brown Shirts" & seem to unlawfully target & harass their Jewish population. But, don`t worry the people they support are Antifascists, really ?? I would say, the street violence during so-called "Peaceful Protests" & this direct assault on the Jewish community, paints a different picture without the yellow paint.

  3. The stimulus was rejected by trump which was good because pelosi wanted to add over 500 billion dollars to help states. Let’s guess New York California Portland Washington lol. They need to pay their own bills. Glad trump reject it but I hope a stimulus goes out to people who need it. But just the money to citizens that need it. Please vote those evil democrats out of office. Please

  4. This is part of the reason a civil war happen. They won't prosecute these people, instead they get released to destroy this country some more. After a certain point regular Americans are gonna start shooting