Portland has become a caricature (from Livestream #141)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #141 (originally streamed live on Sep 10, 2022):

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  1. I guess the question I have to ask, is why do Portlanders keep voting for left wing liberal dumbocrats, the very people who's leftist policies created what Portland has become ? People, if you wanna fix it, you're gonna have to learn how to vote properly. Otherwise accept what you've got and don't complain. Vote a straight Republican ticket, right down the line.

  2. There are too many bureaus and not enough freeways for the city to work. The city still runs on a model from the twenties. pathetic. The communist leaders: Wheeler, Brown and Schmidt are the problem. George Soros is proud, no doubt. 🇺🇸

  3. I’m a Canadian who used to spend many summers in the Columbia Gorge and Oregon coast. Absolutely incredible beauty…people included! My wife and I got married in Astoria! We used to love visiting Portland. What an absolute shame to see what’s happened to that city. Won’t be going through there any time soon

  4. RE. "the air is thick" due to the bad fire policy – We have the same policy in CO now, and we have years where the air quality is not so great, due to wildfires (though, in some years, that's mostly due to the smoke from massive fires in CA or AZ drifting our way).

    The people who have promoted this policy are living under the illusion that less management leads to a better environment. A reason they believe this is their mistaken view that our land was left unmolested by human management until "the white man" arrived. The people who were here before us were in fact aggressive in managing the land. One example is they understood that fire was a good tool for managing their food supply. The plains Indians set fires regularly on the grass lands and in the forests, because they knew that the new greenery that would come up afterward was very attractive to the game they hunted.

    The land as western settlers came to know it was not natural (ie. "unmolested"). They just took it as such when they arrived.

  5. It's easy get rid of the crazy liberals that are in power and replace them with some common sense conservatives with smart tax policies and the the city could be a great again in less than a decade. But this solution is the same as the whole coutry people can not vote in people that have no clue how to run a city, a state, or a country.

  6. Denver is not there yet, but in the same way I HATE what all the Leftie newcomers have done to it! The traffic, the "urban travelers"/homeless, the bizarre woke people… all these forces have buried the real Denver personality and turned it in to some generic progressive place with no character any more.

  7. 🤔 “Portland the city that smokes.?”, “…The city that tokes?”, … “The city that’s broke?” , … “The city that’s Woke?”, … “The city that Pokes?” … Drink deeply the Koolaid, … pretty soon it will all be better. 😔

  8. Portland used to be one my favorite places. I loved seeing Portland running the Portland Marathon in 1999 getting a road side view of the city. Many friends there and love the airport there easier getting in and out than Seatac..

  9. Heather and Bret are such an awesome couple. I always enjoy listening to the interplay of their banter, especially when they're not quite in agreement with each other. Heather has the nicest way of telling Bret to hold his tongue until she is done making her point.

  10. You get what you continually vote for. Everyone here complaining about how Portland has turned out most likely voted for the same socialist/ communist activists that have been destroying Portland for years. The mental gymnastics leftists go through to take the guilt off themselves never ceases to amaze me. How about instead of moving to a different place and bringing that woke cancer with you. Stay there and fix the problem you all caused.

  11. They both seem to be in the afterglow of classical liberals. I really hope these people understand that in the past 30 years has changed the country. They actually have more in common with conservatives than democrats.

  12. direct energy weapons starting forest fires combined with geoengineering to limit the amount of rainfall AKA chemtrails AKA weather modification they admit it it's not a theory it's a f**** fact. It's part and parcel to the climate change narrative in order to shut down our economy because we've been overthrown because the election was stolen to anyone who wants to acknowledge the goddamn truth. It's getting so frustrated you people keep shoving your head further in the f**** sand

  13. The politics that brought about Portland needs to go into the dustbin of history as Communism should. Instead I think that the people fleeing will forget the valuable lessons that living in a failed state give (unlike say the Cubans who emigrated to the US) and will bring their policies and politics with them. It's the definition of insanity to do so. Idk how to solve for this, but no one should be made to live as the people of Portland live.

  14. I live in Western Australia, a dry environment prone to regular fires. We turn off air con when a fire occurs because light weight, burning debris can float quite a way then blown into inlet valves which can set a house on fire.

  15. I watch Dark Horse because you two speak truth . You speak humanitarian . And very interesting . I side in all political spectrums to some extent … meaning Humanitarian , with an understanding that the political system is broken . I very much like to hear your educated perspectives ❣️

  16. I have only been to Portland once in my life, and it was one of the saddest things I can remember – and this was about 20 years ago.

    I was actually taking a trip for work to Vancouver, Washington and had some extra time and a rental car one day and decided to drive down to Portland. I got there late in the evening and was going to just hang out downtown, but the sight I saw was just depressing.

    On EVERY closed storefront, under the overhang, there was a homeless person – sometimes 2 or 3. And I'm not exaggerating – EVERY closed storefront entrance.

    And I'm no stranger to homelessness, but THAT was just on a different level. I will never forget it. I can only imagine what the area looks like now.

    Vancouver though…. Wow! Some of the most beautiful country / nature I've ever seen.

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