Portland Is Still An Absolute Warzone

Social justice activists have turned Portland into a warzone for nearly two straight months. After attacking the federal courthouse, the federal agents were withdrawn only to see riots flare up again and head to the suburbs where people were terrorised with chants of “black lives matter! We know where you live! We’re going to burn down your building!”

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  1. jesus christ. 0:52 id asume shed at least lie and agree they should be in jail and denounce them, they arent even trying to hide the fact that they are commiting atrocities for political ideology, thats literally the definition of terrorism. why is she making that stand?

  2. Wall Portland off. Let people out only with background checks. SJW Antifa types involved in the riots have to stay. Zero tolerance approach to Antifa types everywhere else. Arrest and charges automatically receive transportation to Portland.
    If COVID19 gets automatic local lockdowns, there's no excuse not to isolate the plague of violent stupidity that is Far Leftism.

  3. We had a birthday party 2 weeks ago with about 50 people there. All races and both genders. Almost every single person at that barbecue voted for Obama, None but 2 voted for trump. Now every single 1 now is voting for trump in 2020! This is disgusting in the democrats won't even say to stop.

  4. Do you ever wonder why the leaders of countries like Iraq end up being like the way they are? Its because of stuff like this that there's tanks on the streets and all the other horrible stuff that comes with it. Its crazy where America is today?

  5. I can tell you people here in South east asia and many other countries INCLUDING AFRICA dont like the BLM and what they are doing. All the looting, the burning, the violence. If i was an american i would vote for Trump.

    Come on america, show your greatest strength and send in your military.

  6. I've honestly never wanted to be in law enforcement, but seeing actual violent communists in the street abusing their fellow citizens, young and old, kinda makes me want to join after all.