Portland Mayor “Tiny” Ted Wheeler Whines and Begs the Rioters to Stop

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  1. He should have told cops to stand down and waited for reinforcements from the national guard. At that point he should have given them the authority to use live rounds. Let a single antifa group get fired upon and mowed down and they would have instantly stopped and ran back home to their mom's basement.

  2. @Styxhexenhammer666 must own another shirt. If not, someone buy and send this man another shirt. Autumn is coming. I hear she's a nice girl. But fall is coming too. Get him a tasteful sweater, but nothing too Mr. Rogers.

  3. So, it's just right that, this Democrats governor's and mayor's PAYS from their OWN pockets for all the DAMAGED done by BLM THUGS and ANTIFA terrorists MOB.?

  4. To be able to protest "peacefully" everyday straight for 90 days is a HUGE PRIVILEGE. Just compare it to paris yellow vest who could only went every weekend to understand the sheer magnjtude of such privilege.

  5. What I find the second to being blatantly, and somehow acceptably, against Freedom of Speech in these against rallying folk is: the silence about religion. it's like Communism and "the child raping religion that shall not be named" thought they're a good match.

    I think, and this just my thought, perverted people are using the dumb masses to get more of their perverted stuff. The child raping religion has done this for all it's existence if memory, and literacy, the magic art of reading things, works.

    We're here below, fellows, down in our sewers taking their shit, they're using our children.

    I am getting really tired of it. I am really tired of these people who use our kids and then lie to them and us.

  6. The Multnomah building of Portland, Oregon, is the County of Multnomah's courthouse and is were Mayor Ted Wheeler's mayor office is located. It happens to be one of the oldest buildings in down town Portland, that is actually a beautiful building. Actually, ANTIFA, BLM and their supporters really don't care, whom Mayor Ted Wheeler supports or supported up to now. Mayor Ted Wheeler should have thought of this 89 days ago to put an end to the riots and looting in Portland.

  7. Hasn't Antifa been running amok on the streets of Portland for a long time before this ? I know I've seen clips of them " directing the traffic" and shouting at little old ladies, while the Chocolate Teapot of a mayor had ordered the police to stand down ?