Posie Parker: Why won’t the mob let women like me speak? | SpectatorTV

Posie Parker joins James Heale on Spectator TV to discuss her tour down under. She was due to speak in Wellington, New Zealand, but had to pull out after thousands of pro-trans protesters turned up.

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  1. there are suddenly 2 genders/sexes … male (of whatever colour, pref. brownish) & trans-female … women & girls are now non-persons, ignored, shouted down, assaulted (because they seem to have less physical strength & agility than the 2 real genders) & fair game for any thug & bully around, no consequences 'I had a sad childhood' … laws will change to strip us of more rights & protection … hello Kabul!!!

  2. Conservatives will and are failing spectacularly by misunderstanding the argument. The basis of gender is metaphysical, not biological, thus the reason why woke neo-paganism has taken off.

  3. We should ALL be seriously concerned when a group of (real) women – advocating on behalf of (real) women, are threatened to the point of being in fear of their lives, while a male person, known as Dylan Mulvaney, a sickening parody of womanhood, gets paid serious money to dress up and cavort around like a little girl, gushing over handbags!!! Something is seriously wrong with our world and we should ALL be challenging – and rejecting – it.

  4. Take two islands. On Island A, we put 100 men and 100 women. On Island B we put 100 men and 100 trans women. Go back in 500 years, and on On Island A, you'll find life. On Island B, you'll find nothing but death. What's happening now is not normal! If it were, we would of failed as a species long ago.

  5. Posie Parker is correct when she speaks of how Covid allowed governments to easily control their population. She is also correct when she said nothing is the same. Here in the US I often say to friends "Is this still America? " There is a feeling of loss of free speech if that speech is not in line with the radical ideas that are being forced upon the American people. The trans movement is the loudest most authoritarian group gaining control over many politicians in the Democratic party. It is a frightening time and women must fight for their rights in women's sports, public places and the freedom to express that biological women must have these protections.

  6. I don't think feminist or feminism can acknowledge that the trans movement is their baby. And feminist are facing another similar reaction to natural order as theirs are to men , or indeed , themselves , true human equal respect. Need only look at the tender years doctrine to understand the ignorance of such people

  7. What political activists like the trans community do to opponents is “rape”….rape is not about sex, it’s about power and the power to control others….these activists are rapists…

  8. The governments who allow this can now only get the dumb and stupid on their side the clever people are awake and fighting their governments so these are the only people who are left. It's so pathetic to see people fighting for this pathetic rule. 👍

  9. Make no mistake, this is an evil AGENDA bought with money!! The people in so called "authority" are bought and paid fior to push this ideology which will eventually lead to transhumanism. It has nothing to do with trans rights and when genuine trans people realise this, that they are being used, they too will rise up!

    If ever there was a time for ALL WOMEN to stand their ground and fight this evil it is now. They are going after our children, thats the line they should never have crossed!
    We have all got to find the courage of the Posie's of this World and thank God for them.

  10. Anyone who doesn't now the difference between A man & a women are extremely sick freeks, anyone can cut things off, & dress up as much as they want, you can have sex with who you want, there are still only two genders a man & a women end of! !Strong real women of this world must unite against this satanic evil!

  11. For me personally, being a law abiding, straight, white male, I see the 'Trans' movement, as having allowed itself, to be infiltrated by the usual deviant Biological men, who in their every day lives, often it seems, turn out to be wife beating, rapists, paedophiles and perverts, who ordinarily will be on Twitter, sending their vile Tweets to JK Rowlings etc.
    Emboldened and encouraged by politicians, these cranks are pursuing a warped narrative, while enjoying their new found nortoriety.
    Weak, deviant men, who despite CCTV etc will go out of their way to cause anger, fear and upset.
    The 'Trans' movement has got into bed with the Devil, something they will hopefully regret and our law makers will empower the police to perform their duties and protect Biological Women & Girls, speaking up & exercising their democratic rights.

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