Post Brexit state aid is now the problem says EU! (4k)

The UK is still to set out its post Brexit state aid framework – and Brussels is not happy about that, as it wants to control our state aid.

One of the many UK policy areas over which Brussels wants control, is UK state aid.

It is worried that, if we have a better state aid framework then our industries might fare better in the future – especially in times like we’ve just experienced with this pandemic.

So, the fact that the UK is yet to unveil how iy intends to deliver state aid to the private sector is a bit of a worry for them.

To the extent that Brussels is saying that, without sight of our proposed policies then a deal cannot be reached.




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Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. Does Japan, Canada, America or all the other countries with a trade agreement with the EU comply to their state aid requirements? Probably not, walk away now, they are humiliating a once great country who has losts it's pride, confidence and leadership. Wake up Britain and take on the Europhiles show pride in our country, work hard and contribute positively to our new independent place in the world.

  2. Why are the Uk trade deals not done yet?

    1. The UK is pretty busy right now with the EU. Like a bunny boiler ex wife in a divorce hearing, it is wailing, gnashing teeth and banging the table trying to get its own way.

    2. To avoid further antagonising that ex wife, the deals will not be announced until the EU is disposed of.

    3. Some of the EU bizarre demands are pitting the UK in a weak spot at the moment as they create doubt in partners minds. In other words the hottie 25 year old supermodel is waiting to say yes, until you have got rid of the fat old ex wife.

  3. The arrogant dictatorial EU is the problem. What a shame that the May government lacked the gumption and basic common sense to refuse any sort of Withdrawal Agreement or payment until or unless we had a proper free trade deal. If that had meant just walking away on WTO then we would be 3 years ahead of the game, billions of pounds better off and free from the nonsense of a customs border with Northern Ireland.

  4. The EU always want control the UK as it is run by little dictators in the making who can't stand the truth that the UK will controll everything of it's own. We did not vote for some crummy deal, we voted out without a deal so Boris go on and take us out now and save the UK billions of UK pounds. No control from the EU is what we voted for, no if's and no but's, simple. We should infact charge the EU for the fish that it has taken free of charge for over 40 years.

  5. It’s amazing how this charade doesn’t seem to show how dystopian the EU are to the remoaners
    We just want at no cost to ourselves Sovereignty.
    What’s in a word.
    Apparently billions as far as the EU is concerned

  6. If & it’s only a small if Boris decides to cow tow with the eu then the conservatives will go the same way as the labour never getting back into power I’m sure the Brexit party with its 52 million plus & Nigel Farage leading, good times a head.

  7. I really am concerned that Boris is going to stitch us up. He has not fulfilled one promise he made during the election. Why has he gone missing and staying silent. All we have heard is the good news that Dominic has started to drain the civil service swamp. Why HASN,t he got rid of the Supreme court system Blair set up. It is a dangerous remainders cabal. They all have their snouts in SOROS,s money troughThat is one of the promises still not fulfilled. They are dangerous as we found during the Btexit deals.NIGEL. please get your party together. I am concerned we are going to be stabbed in the back. Just seeing what is going on with illegals. Says it all. THEY DON,T INTEND to keep any of their promises. Once again..LIED TO AND LET DOWN BY OUR GOVERNMENT. WELL WE GAVE YOU A CHANCE BORIS. IF YOU LET US DOWN, YOU AND THE TORY PARTY WILL BE IN THE TOILET WITH LABOUR.

  8. The EU is pitiful, acting like petulant children repeatedly placing impediments in front of the UK negotiators. It seems that the UE is driving the UK toward a “NO DEAL” decision; but, why? Why bother announcing a framework for state aid-– the UK will be a sovereign nation out of the grasp of the UE? The UE is a losing proposition. Live on UK,
    Prosper and show the Socialist, elitist jerks the door.
    Jeff, please show the BBC short
    documentary news item of the UE building where film jumped to the UE dining room showing the surprised delegates dining with at least 6 different bottles of wine on the table with waiters dashing around. Film was poorly edited, only a few minutes duration. Shown last year or beginning of this year.
    It would be good visual support for your presentations. —San Diego State University, CA, USA
    Keep up the fight.

  9. David Frost needs to fail to turn up for this meeting . And we go for a hard deal . They are scared of no deal . They always want to control everything . At the present time the EU is not sure of the UK . They do not believe we mean to go no deal . Any thing else will be more acceptable to the EU .

  10. I see jeff is doing his pod cast from the mental home again…. Wake up you Jeff. The EU CANT GET RID OF YOU QUICK ENOUGH….. Close your ferry ports, your airports , Block up the channel tunnel…. Best of luck with your trade deals … None signed yet lol…. Your ability to trade your financial service will be closed off. Your fly over rights to the EU revoked… Small minded people living on there little Island….eating tons of UK fish… lol … Psst. Jeff still thinks theres an empire… You really should fact check poor Jeff…. He does talk a load of bollocks

  11. After all these the Eu still wants to control us, are they really mad. Mr Frost you stick to your gun, Dominic will you tell Boris do t give in we are all behind you, God bless you three.

  12. The EU must not be allowed to have any control of the UK State Aid, laws, fisheries, business, or in any other way. A level playing field is mutual dealings with neither the UK or EU dictating but dealing as equals but with mutual respect which the EU doesn't want.

  13. Do these bullying EU thugs not understand that they cannot bully us anymore. All they have ever been interested in is money and power and money is power. This is not a decent, honourable organisation. We are FREE. The EU is NOT our slave master anymore.

  14. The EU will keep trying to retain as much control of the UK right to the end. Boris is going to bottle it, I'm afraid! If he does it will be the end of Boris in politics but more importantly the end of a true Brexit.

  15. No dealing with the EU. They are not controling eny thing. Wto only. The EU are con merchants. The EU will fail. Its a marxist fabian state and we will not be part of it.

  16. If we are leaving the EU,

    how we intend to deliver state aid to our companies and industries, is none of their business. They can do what they want, just keep their noses out of our future business. By the way, Germany broke EU state aid rules by bailing out their airline industry. No comment on that was there. Bloody cheek. Keep us out of this, and the level playing field, no ECJ. No fishing., over to you Boris. (And by the way, make sure we are out of their defence programme.)

  17. They cannot control what they do not pay . If Europeans come here to live they are entitled to the same and correct help as an English person is And that is how it should be . But I bet it will be easier for a European over here to be treated fairly than an English person in France being treat equally to a french person . They have always been the same .