Post-Pandemic-Stress-Disorder (PPSD) may cause major heart problems (from Livestream #107)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #107 (originally streamed live on December 04, 2021):


The Evening Standard, 12-2-21: “Up to 300,000 people facing heart-related illnesses due to post-pandemic stress disorder, warn physicians”:

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  1. There is likely a link between serious viral disease and finding excess cardiovascular events. First proposed in 1953, it is now called the Unified Theory of Cardiovascular Disease. A basic tenet is that mammals unable to produce vitamin C as a stress hormone lose much of their stored vitamin C when a significant disease is encountered. The result is occlusive heart disease. This was first demonstrated in guinea pigs which, like humans, cannot make vitamin C internally. Deprived of sufficient vitamin C, these small mammals develop occlusive heart disease in a relatively short time. In the case of this pandemic, we should be checking the plasma vitamin C levels in people who contract COVID. This would alert the providers to the need for supplemental vitamin C. I know you both are supportive of vitamin D during this pandemic. Vitamin D is important to maintain better vitamin C levels as D upregulates the production of glutathione, which recycles oxidized vitamin C. Recycling is vital since humans cannot internally synthesize C. I'd be interested in your thoughts on this.

  2. Yes, Heather, life HAS become a Marvel Comic Reality Show….. The Sheeple huddle in their Basements working online waiting for the next Mini-False flag to release from the NYT…… PPSD…… NICE !!!!!!! Well, they do have to get Infront of the stream of side-effect injuries of the "Mostly Peaceful" Jabs….. That 33 yr. old NFL player just dropped with "Seizures'" and I wonder if he was "Fully Vaxxed" ?? Yes, it's time to get the children "Indoctrinated"….. The entire NYT shouldn't be read by anyone !!!!! You lose me at 6min. ranting about "Jab"…. At this point, ANY Sheeple who can't/won't figure this out, ARE GONE !!!! They're NOT COMING BACK !!!!! Circle the wagons, move to Central USA, buy guns, build the bunker, store the survival food, bury the tank for the Gen-set, this "End Game" is happening…..

  3. We just heard an infomercial on the radio telling people if they are experiencing the following symptoms to contact their doctor….shortness of breath and hear palpitations. The sponsor of the ad? None other than the biggest Rx manufacturer. Imagine my shock.

  4. Read Robert Kennedy Jr.'a "The Real Anthony Fauci" and, especially how the current response to Covid has its origins in Fauci's handling of the AIDS crisis in the 80s, and you'll better understand why what is happening, and who is behind it. The NYT, like most of MSM and SocMed, are dutifully playing along. Except, it's no game.

  5. It so mysterious, what could it be🤔
    Now what this really shows is that there must be a mountain beneath, its obviously just the tip of a mountain of organized crime

  6. Did anybody really expect the side effects of the vaccinations being namend properly? No, blame all on the pandemic. The cruel virus! The stress of the poor ppl. And then alle this anti-vaxxers! 🙈

  7. Since being vaccinated with the Astra Zenica 2 jabs, I have been experiencing alarming hear palpitations Doctor advised over the phone anxiety and suggested I might benefit from therapy.

  8. I keep getting told the vaccine couldn't have possible caused my illness that started the day after I got my first dose of Pfizer. My doc just messaged me that it's not the vaccine based on the opinion of a specialist (with only 2 blood markers checked, with one for lymes disease, which was negative). I'm doing everything I can to stay calm, collected, and persistent. So if I die of a heart attack anytime soon, at least my friends will know why.

  9. RFK Jr said in an interview that the reason they are pushing the vaccine to kids is: The only way for Pfizer to have non liability for the approved version, as opposed to the emergency version, is for it to be approved for children. (Right now only for EU for children.) That is likely why Pfizer refuses to release the approved version. They would be liable.

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