Post these memes and get raided by the FBI

Don’t post these memes or you will be in trouble… #Memes #Meme #memereview

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  1. have you seriously not seen the I will sit still thing before? That's common knowledge to Gen X…its like you think he just invented the coke float during a tiktok challenge

  2. Look,!
    Just because you voted-in a total imbicile as president, there is no need to try to deflect your idiocy by picking on the British head of state.
    Americans have the brains of May-flys, they change their leader every four years and within six months they have forgotten why they voted them into power.
    By the way the "free cat" meme, was epic.!

  3. not the time for jokes and memes. wish the right could take something seriously for once instead of worrying about a monetized video. this is why we lose, nothing is taken serious, even when we're at the edge of total destruction.

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