POV: Australian Covid Camps

Australian Hayley Hodgson was placed in a “Covid internment camp” despite testing negative for the virus. She was confined to a box for 14 days, offered valium when she complained about confinement, and lost her job. She was not allowed to quarantine at home like before. These types of stories are coming out of Australia frequently now. Recently, there was a manhunt in Australia for three teens who escaped one of the camps even though they had tested negative. This is not about public health for a virus that has a 99% survivability rate for most people.

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  1. nope! wtf? this is what happens when you give asshats power. held prisoners even though they tested negative? either leadership is
    abysmally terrible or there's something larger and more malevolent happening. this is a prime example of why the 'establishment' cannot be trusted. at all.

  2. The guy breaks quarantine by grabbing his phone with the glove on, so he is now a threat to his family and everyone he speaks to for the next two weeks. Give that man a $5,000 fine for breaking quarantine.

  3. Australia has gone full on NAZI Party on their people! The little Quislings are loving it too! "I'm just following orders" is their goto line. The gallows need to be built for them.

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